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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grow Your Own Mint Simple Steps Awesum Rose Flowers Season Spring

Mint Leaves growing tips
 Mint one of the most healthiest and fragrant herbs that can be easily grown at home. 1) From the mint you buy at the market collect thick stems. 2) Leave some parts of the leaves on the stem. 3)  Nip off the ends and put in water for some time to open the clogged ends.4) Plant them in pots , well draining soil. 5) place in a spot where it receives indirect sunlight.6) Protect from birds, they love to eat the new leaves!
Mint grow at home tips

How to grow mint at home in pots

Mint stems in water

Grow mint in pots

Planting of mint in pot

Fragrant roses in full bloom

New rose bud 
Mint plants growing under the sun
the beautiful rose season is on and the rose bushes are breaking into lovely fragrant buds. Of course some of the blooms have drooped due to the unexpected rains here but they have sprung back!
Healing Art inspired by Fragrant roses
and the inspiration was just too much so beautiful rose, soothing soft pink rose bud did come up in my lovely healing art, Innocence, acrylic on canvas! This precious one has found a loving home!
God Bless and all the Best from Rizwana!

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