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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Buy a Best Gift Plant this holiday season simple tips for selecting plants for gifting

The Best Gift a Plant this holiday season,  why not gift nature this beautiful season and spread happiness and cheer with good health. Gifting a plant has become so easy with many online websites of plant nurseries who  wills end you gift to the recepient on time.Receiver of this small part of living nature will brighten, soothe your relationships and help to spread some more positive energy for the mother earth.
simple tips for  selecting plants for gifting when buying from nurseries or online plant nursery websites-
Two White Flowers Gifting Plant from Online Plant Nursery Tips

Vibrant colorful  petunias for colder climates seasonal plants
1)When you are out to buy a plant for gifting take a proper look at the color of leaves, insect signs or whimpering or droopy leaves,select a healthy plant only. The recipient will take some time to get adjusted with water routine of the new gifted plant.
2)  Be sure you  buy from a reputed online plant nursery website only. Yes there are many sites which sell similar naming plants or weaker plants that look great when received but do not grow well alter on. This is the worst part when someone receives a gift and can not , or is not able to care for it. Thus many times  people who you  have gifted plants start avoiding you in fear that you may ask about the plant growth! A good plant has strong root system and can adapt to changes in environment.
3) Be very sure the plant for gifting is an easy grower only. The receiver, friend, colleague or boss, may not have a green thumb or much interest in gardening, so it is best that you select a simple foliage plant colorful leaves that grows with very little care.  Two things can happen here, if the gifted plant grows well you may bring some more interest and confidence in the newbie gardener and who knows they may end  up in growing a garden!
The down side, if the gifted plant does not grow well, they will loose interest and motivation to go ahead with buying other plants.
Easy growing plant Good Luck Plant for all Climates

Easy growing Best  Gift Plant  Amaryllis for Cold  and warm temperature Countries

Purple hearts Best Gift plant easy growing  less watering and care
4) Where do you wish to send the gifted plant is very very important. The climatic conditions of the receiver of your gift, the seasonal changes and the temperatures  all will have an effect on the choice of your plant for gifting. Very extreme temperature countries , like very cold or very hot or very humid, all affects the growth of plant  and selecting a plant that can adapt to the climate of the receiver  of your gifted plant is a better choice.
5) Always, always provide some information on care of the gifted plant. This no one ever does! A good plant  nursery website when sending a gift plant always will  provide information on caring for the plant. Little bit of advice to placement, watering and feeding will help the receiver of the gifted plant to welcome this gift, otherwise the receiver if has no knowledge about plants may not know how to care well for the gifted plant.
In case you are personally gifting a plant, you can have some sharing of simple caring tips and watering of the gifted  plant.
A green gift is the best today as you are gifting a part of nature, the best for attracting good luck, prosperity and wealth along with  inviting great health, plants are great energy boosters, natural air purifiers and a small plant is enough to brighten up your day!
As the plant grows so will you life!
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  1. I am CRAZY about houseplants. They really brighten up a room. I think ferns are the easiest, and they look so pretty! visit here to Buy Plants Online and make your home beautiful.

  2. Rohit this is a great online plants website, lovely rare exotic plants, rates are also quite reasonable, of all the money I have spent on plants....thanks for sharing this for our readers of Garden Care Simplified, Take Care and All the Best!


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