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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photographs Pictures of Beautiful Sky View the Sky

Great sky pictures snapped using mobile camera. So easy and quick unlike earlier days when we needed photo reels and cameras for capturing the right moments, now we have mobile cameras which are so handy and I still need to learn to capture the right moment , but still good pictures for an amateur photographer!
Evenings on the Terrace Garden

Inviting Evening Sky

Enchanting Night Sky

Full Moon in Sky
Full Moon Night

Moon after Sunrise

Moon in Day

Beautiful Sky from Terrace Garden

View of Sky

Sparkling Sky

Moon in Day
The Sky  with its Moon a beautiful capture

Setting Sun Sky
Every photographer will swear that sky is an challenging and quite favourite topic for photographs, and as nature has immense challenging potential the sky is never left by photographers a swell as artists who love to paint sky paintings at different times of the day and night. I love the watch the still night clear sky under a blanket of stars glowing at late nights , the serenity is irreplaceable!
Pleasant Evening Sky

  Warm Sun rising in East
 Sky in Afternoon

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