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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Under The Open Sky- Moods in Sky

Afternoon Clear Sky
Evening Sky
Sun Set Evening Sky
Heavy Rain Clouds Waiting to Burst

Far Away Full Moon at Night
Welcoming Dawn

Early Morning with Moon

Moon Still not wishing to go away!

Moon in Early Morning

Early Risers Pigeons

Beautiful Sunrise
Welcome your new day with so much promise, new beginnings, new hopes and lots lots of achievements. Let your day unfold with a new start, start early and rise before the sun. This habit will make you face your day with energy and enthusiasm. 'Today' I am prepared for you!
Terrace Garden care is a wonderful way to begin your day, you can observe the different moods of the sky and my blog has started creating ripples as many people are recognising the benefits of terrace flats, soon there will be many who will join the team of dedicated terrace gardeners, I have done my bit for the preserving nature, you do yours! plant a plant today.

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