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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Huge Spider Lily Plant

Spider Lily Flower
 The spider lily plant is a very easy growing plant and seen in many places as a thick green elongated foliage with long leaves similar to any other lily plants. The only difference between bulbs of different lilies is when you see their blooms. This plant growing in our society garden is unique and well huge!
Huge Spider Lily Plant
 I think the plant grown in pot was of limited size and when it was transferred to the ground it grew and grew quite well in a huge plant with very bug sized leaves. The flowers look very attractive with magenta coloured stamens. The usual spider lily plants give out white flowers with yellow stamens but this one has magenta coloured stamens and yellow pollens attached to it.
Bunch of Spider Lily Flowers
 The stem of flowers also is quite of a size which definitely commands attention of any viewer.
Close up of Spider Lily Flower
The fragrance of spider lily flowers is heavenly and what best to experience it is when you pass from the side of the plant when a cool breeze is blowing, it is just ecstatic.
White Spider Lily Flower

Spider Lily Flower
My spider lily plant is also growing well and has again bloomed with beautiful white flowers. The breeze flowing brings a breath of fresh heavenly fragrance with it which refreshes all your senses and uplifts the mood. The pure white colour of the spider lily flowers against the back drop of the blue sky, what a view!

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