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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The First Zinnia Flower

caterpillar, Pinto

Feasting Caterpillar

New Zinnia Plants
Seeds bought from ooty grew wonderfully and also in very less time. I had planted it in may though I would not recommend any other gardener to do so! Soon afetr we had heavy rains and most of the seeds did not get the sunlight to grow and due to cloudy atmosphere and heavy down pour even the one staht were sprouting are now sickly and limp!
Tip one- plant the zinnia or any flowering seeds in spring. Then they have plenty time to warm up, sprout and grow into healthy plants.
The Zinnia plants came up very soon and also as healthy and happy plants. I think it took hardly a week for the new shoots to come above the soil and I had these healthy tall plants in a fortnight. The flower came after two months as the stem matured.
The stem of zinnia plant is hairy and you can see tiny hair on the surface of the stem. Most liked by caterpillars and butterflies.
First Zinnia Flower
The beautiful zinnia flower was developing when I took this shot. The petals were just opening and it developed into a dark purple with maroon center, what a breath taking view of the first zinnia flower!
Beautiful Zinnia Flower

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