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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Space Cover Vine

Small White flowers on Creeper
The leaves of this plant are a red or shade of green and red. It produces white flowers and they look very attractive among the dark foliage. I have not searched for the name of this plant and this is a creeper or space cover plant, that is it spreads sideways.
It has small roots coming from the stem which gets transplanted by itself on the side of the ground.
This plant needs a shaded area that gets sunlight for some part of the day. This cannot tolerate direct sunlight and the leaves burn if placed in direct sunlight.
This is a very attractive plant to grow in containers and is best grown in hanging pots. It can also be guided on a trellis to cover any wall for privacy in your garden though I have left it in a small hanging pot, and it is very good to break the monotony in the garden with all green plants.
This plant is very good to use in landscapes as they cover up the area left by big plants in the garden. It can also be used to break the monotony of colour in any landscape design. Delicate fall plant looks good when it overflows from the sides of the pot.
Tip; Restrict over watering but do take care of watering schedules. Does not tolerate dry periods and the plant will wither off quickly when not watered daily. In case the plant is in the shade it will require less care as compared to the plant kept exposing to sun. Keep trimming dry areas of the plant, and off shoots to promote healthy growth and fresh leaf growth.

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