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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Favourite Ribbon Grass

Great foliage, soothing colour and a very good break from the monotonous green of the garden. This is a good highlight in the garden and also very relaxing. It grows profusely in bunches and produces white tiny flowers on maturity. Transplantation is very easy with small bunches of growth on the sides of the mother plant. It also produces shoots of small baby plants that root easily. If grown on ground it grows side ways and takes care of the spreading itself. Each baby plant can develop into a new plant. Good for gifting!
Does not require much care and can tolerate direct sunlight. Though the leaves grow yellow edges in direct heat of summer so the best place is indirect sunlight. This plant can also be grown indoors near a window.
Tips: Leaves are thin so avoid watering during strong afternoon sunlight as there is leaf burn and leaves dry fast. Avoid over watering and grows well in well draining soil.  Trimming and removing dead leaves helps the plant to grow healthy.

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