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Zodiac Garden Grow Plants according to your birth signs List of plants Trujetter Mini Space saver Gardens my words in print

Zodiac Garden, your birth signs, this can be inculcated in your garden by following this list of plants that favor certain birth signs. Like we have birth gemstones and wearing or being close to these gemstones-birthstones bring happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity, so also certain birth month, birth sign, zodiac sign plants will bring in Awesum luck.
List of zodiac garden Plants-according to your birth sign choose these plants, grow them in your zodiac garden and welcome happiness!

1) January - Carnation or Snowdrop Capricorn December 22 - January 20 2) February - Violet or Primrose, Aquarius, January 21 - February 19 3) March - Jonquil ( Daffodil ), Pisces, February 20 - March 20 4) April- Sweet Pea or Daisy, Aries, March 21 - April 20 5) May- Lily of the Valley, Taurus, April 21 - May 20 6) June- Rose, Gemini, May 21 - June 21 7) July- Larkspur or Water Lily, Cancer, June 22 - July 22 8) August- Gladiolus or Poppy, Leo, July 23 - August 23 9) September- Aster or Morning Glory, Virgo, Aug…

Love Birds Budgie complete care food play and health Practical Guidelines with Experience over the years

Love birds love to feed only on seeds but this is unhealthy and makes them weak. Feeding of pellets once in two days. In case of dropping in the container replace the pellets. Check by hand if the pellets have grains or just husks even if the container looks full or your birds may go hungry! . They will try to bite when they see a new hand so try to first converse and then open the door while you are playing with them, still be careful of the bite. My birdie just pecks my fingers and never bites but the females do bite sharply!  Otherwise offer leaf and then open the door while they are busy to change water and food. Best way is to cover the budgies  with soft cloth on the folded wings and let them free for time out(remember to close all doors and windows carefully, so that they can play happily) Bajri seeds can also be added to pellets. do not worry of over eating, they will only eat what quantity they require. DO NOT KEEP THE CAGE IN WINDOW UNSUPERVISED AS CROW OR OTHER BIRD WILL BIT…

8 Important Point while setting up a water fountain in your garden for bird bath and water for bird drinking

With just a little thought for your bird friends, a beautiful pot and a few other materials, you can create an inviting space in your garden that will soothe jangled nerves and give the birds a pretty drinking spot. They will not only come for a cool dip in the hot summers but also bring you loads of feng shui heaven luck.
A water bird bath, a plate, a container, also a water feature does all that. It can be as simple as a flat-bottomed bowl for a birdbath or as dramatic as an elaborate waterfall. Or you can do as we did and turn one gorgeous container into a bubbling fountain suitable for a flower bed, deck or just about any place in your garden. Even the border fence can have small containers filled with water as ornamental beauty as well as arty image of lined up birds of happiness. 
While setting up a water feature in your garden as bird bath consider some important points-

1) Choose your pot and the area where it will be displayed carefully keeping in mind your friendly visitors, bi…

How to collect seeds of Cardinal Cypress Climber Red Cardinal / Cypress Vine Trumpet Shaped Red flowers

Red Cardinal/Cypress Vine, the most easiest growing climber with beautiful tiny red flowers. Not only does this bring beauty to hot summers but the large spread of its sticky vines spread like wild and soon take over any fence or garden wall.
 The flowers are really beautiful, delicate, trumpet shaped, vermilion red, bright. Healing to look at the greens covered with a blanket of red! The vine goes to spread fast and has sticky surface, do not touch the vine with hands , it may sometimes bring out allergic reaction if your skin is delicate, like rash. The sticky surface of vine helps it to cling to ropes, poles and trellis. And it spreads from all directions , each stem will have many baby shoots springing out that helps the climber to grow really fast.
While we have the seeds scattered in soil in every container they just spring to life , and if the original plant in container is weak then this climber takes over the whole container. My Terrace Garden maintenance after winters has …