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Vaikunth Flower Show 2016 Balkum Thane Christmas Santa Clause, fun, joy ride, treats, and Awesum World of flowers!

Awesumness All the way! At Piramal Vaikunth Show this year 2016! . Like last Year , based on the concept of The Chelsea flower Show, This year a Tribute to the Flower of Gold, Indigo, The Blue Gold, history, and original textiles , with a video show, beautiful thought by The Piramal Realty Group,  giving tribute to the long forgotten art styles and as we move ahead with technology and fast paced life, this was like a breath of fresh air!


Why you must remove plastic bags from new saplings repot saplings Protecting Shevanti and Carnations from birds Practical tips Piramal Vaikunth Flower show 2016

This time I was quiet! As winters have set in plants are growing yet there is a lack of colour , except for few reds and yellows. So Surprise! Husband got some flowering baby saplings, fresh ones, unexpectedly! Shevanthi, Sada phuli Periwinkle( we lost a beautiful large one after rains...) and carnations. All with a red alert !  I usually would avoid buying  these as bird friends from heaven, sparrows, pigeons and even rats eat the blooms and sometimes even gobble the whole plants! So while I had somehow controlled my obsession of buying plants  for a few weeks, this time was an awesome surprise from the universe! Dried plants in containers are tough to use , have to break the soil as it becomes hard in winters. As also I thought of continuing with watering as many times unexpectedly the dried plants, if roots are alive,  spring back to life! Yet the soil was quite hard, Many people buy plants and keep them like that  in containers and water them. This is very bad for your plant heal…