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Wishing All my Blog Readers of Garden Care Simplified a Very Happy Deepavali and an Auspicious New Year!Thanks a lot! Google followers, blog followers, my healing art lovers, twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Group followers, My Best Wishes!
Plants are really scared! Deepavali, a festival of lights, fireworks, crackers. plants are scared! They love the lights., they love the happiness and happy parties, but they get burned by fire works, and ashes coat the leaves making it difficult for them to breathe. Your little conscious effort and care can keep them healthy and happy and enjoy the festival along side with you! Garden Care During Deepavali/Diwali  festival of lights- 1) Keep your plants well watered before the festival 2) Avoid lighting fires very close to plants, Leaves do burn with fire crackers burst too close. 3) Avoid candles, diyas placed too close to pot containers, they heat up the roots and dry them.  4) In case you have accidentally burned some plant leaves ( they look shrivele…