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Yummy Fresh Strawberry and Cream! Mahabaleshwar Strawberry Farms Natural Products Monkeys and Horses Jamun Karvanda and Strawberry plants

Black Plum, Indian Black Berry, Jamun, Java Plum, Jambool, has great medicinal properties.  An evergreen tropical tree, you will see loads and loads of Jamun trees all over Mahabaleshwar. A beautiful hill station surrounded by Awesumness all the way! Cool temperatures and fresh air always all year round with horses and monkeys for company, a great welcoming break! The fruits drop by on roads and hardly anyone gives a second glance!  Awesum fruits,sweet, and couldn't help but collect the seeds to grow here!
 Karonda, karvanda, Carrisa spinarium Conkerberry Bush Plum, sweetest!  Karvanda seeds too have made way to my little space, lets see how I can grow these in containers. 
With loads of excitement , seeds always bring so much hope and happiness! I really wish I had some land! Must visit in Mahabaleshwar is the fruits farms and Malas and Mapro Companies. Here we get to taste their Awesum drinks and squashes, for free! And well of course loaded with bottles of syrups, squashes and…

Brahma Kamal photo shared by Sangeeta Praharaj and EEEEEK some Rat babies in my Garden! Excitement in Terrace Garden

Sangeeta Praharaj! Thank you very much for sharing your happiness with me and all my precious readers of Garden Care Simplified! 
" Hi Rizwana, I chanced upon your Garden Care Simplified while surfing about the rare plant. I planted this rare one 2yrs back and it has grown like long tentacles. I felt so blessed when on 24th April this year one flower bloomed and another the  very next day. The fragrance was very soothing too. I use tea leaves after straining the tea for the plant and water regularly. Sending the pics.

 I reside in Bhubaneswar Odisha where the climate is full of moisture except for winter which lasts for 2 months. November and December. "
Thanks a lot for this helpful ti[s, I am still trying, while this time loads of feedings of Cowdung and many , Oh so many blessings form my readers, am hoping this rainy season, some miracle happens!
Some  experienced gardeners have also said that  Brahma Kamal plant loves rains and full moons, so my fingers crossed!
 Meanwhile …