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Tips for Buying Great Quality Cowdung Online Cowdung Upli How to Buy Online Cowdung Cakes for Garden

Cowdung cakes, cowdung upli, the search for good quality cowdung, as we know cowdung is the best food, great fertilizers ,  for our loved ones, and however much we keep adding ready mixes from plant nurseries there are no such miraculous results as we can see by adding cowdung to our garden plants.
Always the search continued to get great quality cow dung, of course it is not possible to pick up the droppings of our majestic cows and buffaloes that go for a walk on our roads! well I actually had brought wet cowdung and dried that on my terrace, but not so well received by my husband and son, because it really takes time to dry and the smell is, well, you know , ! Then another time was large ant larvae in the bought  cowdung and the whole garden   was a mess as the large red ants took over my beautiful plant containers making the soil porous and was  heck trying time to clear them off washing and thorough bathing! and of course the red  ant bites! enquiring a lot to cow sheds and milk …

Important Information Why You Need To Repot Plants bought from Nursery Bleeding Hearts Vine And Tasted the Dragon Fruit

Bleeding hearts a very beautiful unique flowering vine that grows like wild with its rare flowers.
 A vine it loves to cling to other plants growing surrounding it. What attracted me to this vine was the unique colored flowers. the bracts are white with tiny red flowers. I thought these were bougainvilleas or maybe they are a cross breed variety of this. Amazingly beautiful contrasting colors the flowers are really Awesum! Given little guidance in growing the vine looks pretty beautiful with its unique blooms , the bleeding hearts vine.

 This time I tried to keep the newly bought plants from nurseries in the nursery packs itself,  plastic bags with holes,  as many times the new plants do not adjust well to repotting immediately in new large sized pots. As the plants did not show any change I cut off and saw that they were all full or roots. This is very important to repot the plants bought from nurseries as they may have already outgrown their tiny homes and may need a larger space.

Front House and Back Yard Garden Design Simple Feng Shui Guidelines and My New Surprise Plant for Free

Happiness comes my way in unexpected free plants, and again nature has done it! While I have purchased the Zanzibar Gem plant , the Fat Boy plant, The ZZ plant, a beautiful little one has sprung up in the container, surprise! its the humble good luck plant Tulsi!The Holy Basil! (Ocimum tenuiflorum) with its immense symbolism and great healing properties  and religious sanctity in Hinduism the Tulsi plant has given me so much happiness , unexpectedly! The leaves were growing in next to the Fat Boy but the flowering and the fragrance caught my attention now today. It is believed as an earthly manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi. Often the plant is grown in every Hindu home in the front, or centre of the home. The plant with green leaves is called Shri Tulsi, fortunate Tulis, also a synonym of Laxmi. The Devi Bhagvata Purana regards Tulsi as the manifestation of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity. The Tulsi, Holy Basil plant is regarded as a woman's deity and a symbol of idea…