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Want to do something special this Valentines Season! Is Your Garden Full of Love Energy Some Feng Shui Love Enhancer Tips for Gardens

In my Garden as Exotic Birds there love actually...the most important feng shui part of your home garden, terrace garden,,   can be divided into sectors , just like the home Ba Gua.  Love, relationships,, harmony,, peace, bliss, marital success, marital luck, all corresponds to the relationship sector, keep this activated well to attract harmony and peace in relationships.
Some guidelines from feng shui aspects for your garden! Do something special this Valentines Season!
1) Choose plants that represent love. Reds, oranges and pinks, all these colors represent happiness and love.
2) Do bring in a pair of plant this Valentines Season. the action itself attracts love, what more the couple can together plant these love symbols and care for them. ( don't forget to choose healthy plants!LOL we don't want to see them die!) but the action itself I have seen works wonders!
3) Gift some flowering blooms to the ones you love. What a beautiful gift! flowers wither within few da…

Baby Alexandrine Parakeet Care My New Parrot Flower Painting and Ficus Carica Anjeer Plant Some Hand Painting Garden pots

Universe,  nature plays a beautiful game and just when I had painted my friend baby Airavaat(Elephant) the word kept repeating in my mind and next day a baby just popped up!Next building neighbors had found an injured baby Alexandrine Parakeet! So while after my female pet for years who lived free with us (still miss you!) and the male parakeets, who is also free, I am well known as the Parrot lady here. For advice regarding care, the little one got really comfy with me and clinged with so much curiosity and love!I love birds, I have more bird friends than humans!
 Baby parakeets are lovely,, and get attached to anyone they see and receive love from. The family are feeding it with dropper ceralac and food made into paste and the baby  is walking in the whole place, new wings have begun to flap showing more of green color and the red band on wings that gives them their distinct features, as Alexandrine Parakeet.

 Baby Alexandrine parakeets are great as pets and form strong bonding wi…

Terrace Gardens Advantages and Why You Must Live in An Apartment with Garden

Terrace Garden a blessing right from heaven, I have been truly blessed to live in this terrace garden flat , a special place with an  open sky right under the sun!
While I see the sunrise and the sun sets the views are breathtakingly beautiful and it seems I have the whole world in my little space.
 There are immense benefits in living amidst beautiful nature. the Vaikunth flower show hosted by the Piramal group , Piramal Residencies brought forthe another opportunity to live a lifestyle amongst the beauty of Mother Earth surrounded by exotic gardens and yet  connected to the city!
Sharing here why I love a Terrace Garden Apartment and How living with nature will benefit you as it has to me and my family.
1) Stress, dust and Noise pollution all take a detour from where plants grow, it  leads me to  my personal Haven! Sitting among the plants and beauty of flowers will immediately make you feel lighter happier and more relaxed, try it!
2) Having a personal home garden however small it …