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Garden Umbrella Funky Colorful and Beautiful Garden furniture Parasol Symbolism of Garden Umbrella

Garden Umbrella is one of the most attractive piece of Garden furniture that immediately draws attention on the lush green lawns. While our terrace garden has chipped tiled flooring we still find a need for some shade during hot summers and of course thunder showers in rains.
Garden Umbrellas were usually seen in simple colors ranging from striped blue and red or white and blue, yellow. But with the coming in of digital art and prints colors we see funky and colorful garden umbrellas.  and then when we had the traditional round shaped garden umbrellas, we now see square, rectangles and abstract shaped garden umbrellas to create more drama and interest in the garden design.

 we do see embroidered lacy, and even frilly borders in garden Umbrella designs. Following the Eight Auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism  the traditional Parasol, umbrella is a symbol for protection from all evil eyes and hardships in life. The Umbrella shelters and protects one from life problems be it health we…

Silver Jade A Beautiful Succulent Feng Shui Plant for Good Luck

Silver Jade A Beautiful Succulent Plant for Good Luck. A great fleshy succulent for north and northwest sectors as it is silvery grey in color and stores water the silver jade requires very little care and multiples fast.
The silver jade plant grows from leaves and a single leaf can give out new plant.
This is a great feng shui plant for attracting good luck, career and wealth luck.
The plant loves well draining soil and does require timely watering, just like other succulents, the roots rot in mushy soil. The roots of silver jade do not goo deep hence it easily grows sideways and covers the whole pot giving out  new roots from the existing plant.
Color of your silver jade, It again depends upon the amount of sunlight and you see the leaves almost green or a lovely silvery gray color. I have in in indirect sunlight and it loves the space under the sun!
A pair of silver jades are great for your garden.
Still remembering Goldie whenever I make yellow khichdi... my Golden Monk loved thi…

Gomphrena globasa Pink Purple Button shaped flowers Plant

From the Amaranth family the flowers are small button shaped and very attractive in the sap green grayish leaves foliage. The plant gives out flowers which when dried have seeds in them. I have not tried collecting or  growing from seeds.
The plant grows in partial sunlight and loves to be watered regularly. Fond of well draining soil it also does not like over watering and the roots rot and may kill the plant.
The plant is prone to white fungus and white flies in winters and may also dry off in very hot summers if waterings are skipped.
Try to choose a sunny place if you wish to see blooms regularly. And let the flowers dry on the plant itself, and then trim off the tips to encourage bushy growth and more flowers.
The Amaranth family vibrant pink flowers are commonly used in hair decorations along with white shevanti plant since many years and brings back fond memories.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Best Sized Roses Rose garden in Ooty Fragrant and Largest Size roses

The Rose Garden Ooty is one of the largest I have seen in rose plants. Varieties, colors and large expanses of fragrant majestic roses. The sizes varied from a few inches in fragrant bushes to large sized plants having blooms as the size of my face!
 What I noticed was the soil was a mixture of cowdung and fertilizers and was a reddish one grainy texture. The climate in Ooty is best for flowering plants and hence we see blooms all year round, still the best time to visit Ooty is in summers when the vibrant colored blooms are in full swing! Every plant has flowers and even the foliage plants are fresh and healthy, think it has to do with the temperatures,  sunlight and cooler temperatures in Ooty.

Enjoy and All the Best from Rizwana!

Thailand Good Luck Plant Euphorbia Milli Symbolism

Thailand Good Luck plant, Euphorbia Milli, this is one of the rare exotic cactuses that are seen every where with lovely peach colored blooms. Very easy to grow and hardly require care and it is believed that the growing and flowering of these cactus plants in a home or any space attracts good luck. In Thailand the name is “Poysean” Chinese words combined meaning “8 Saints”. The tradition goes that Eight saints sacrificed their wealth , selfish spirit, intellectual pride, in their lives to promote righteousness and happiness harmony. By honouring these sacrifices the people of Thailand consider this an auspicious plant and if it grows well and blooms in your home, you are lucky! Planting one of these Euphorbias, The eight blessings coming your way are 1) Health 2) Bravery 3) Wealth 4)Beauty 5) Artistry 6) Cleverness 7) Poetry 9) Victory of good over Evil and bad spirits. The thorns are very thick and one must take extra care to keep it away from traffic areas and from eye level, as t…

Spiceroute Inflight Magazine Maxposure Awesum Happiness to see in print my article Touching The Sky

Spiceroute Inflight Magazine Maxposure Awesum Happiness to see in print my article Touching The Sky.I am so so happy, so honored and so excited to see my gardening article in print, inflight magazine,  and Thanks a Lot Neelam, chief editor at Maxposure.
Neelam Singh
Executive Editor 9810278667

Here is the link to share my Awesum happiness with all you Awesum followers and readers, "Touching the Sky" Thank you for being there!God Bless! Touching the Sky

Inflight magazines are a great way to spend your time during flights when high up in the sky, especially a great constructive way to use your time enjoying your flight when all other devices are not available. Yes,  when we have to switch off our electronic devices a magazine in print, with interesting articles and photographs is a sure way to make the journey pleasant and what more you learn and get information that can be useful, and maybe just what you were looking out for! So have a good read and go creative with your vertical…