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Cordylines losing color and why is your Cordyline plant not growing Red Leaves

Cordylines, most beautiful elongated leaves in vibrant shades of red are the most commonest and most loved as they have an awesum color that breaks the design of green in your landscaped garden greens and provides great view.
 Cordylines come in many colors and shaded leaves. C Australis, most commonly grown every where, is the hardiest. Central growth in circular fashion growing tall like a purple tower. Red , creams, purple, burgundy, black striped leaves look really Awesum.
Cordylines is a genus with about 15 species of monocotyledonous plants family Asparagaceae, sub family Lomadroideae. The scientific name is Cordyline.
The name Cordyline comes from a Greek word Kordyle means "club" referring to the club shaped base, underground stem or rhizomes.
The plant is very easy to grow and each tall plant gives out small babies from sides that can grow along the mother plant or if planted in other pot give out a fresh new plant.
I really like the shaped varieties that are green…

Is it Ok to plant Aloe Vera in Garden in Feng Shui Which places to avoid growing Aloe vera in garden

Aloe vera plants have been thrown away from so many homes, and just feeling so sad for these fleshy succulents that do not require much care but yes they do have spiky thorny edges.
Is it Ok to plant Aloe Vera in Garden in Feng Shui?
In feng shui we always encourage to plant lovely colorful blooming plants or ornamental plants with showy leaves. I do agree that they produce shar energy, poison arrows and I too have experienced this when you move past this, a scratch or skin abrasion, always. But this beautiful Aloe vera plant has so many benefits and itself is unique. It also gives immensely beautiful blooms, a stalk, like other succulents and if is happy grows just without any care. Feng shui for plants has certain principles where we avoid sharp edges, thorny plants and this one does have sharp edges.
What is never mentioned anywhere is that all succulents , fleshy plants are immense good luck. They have stored energy , water, and can survive in harsh conditions without light and wa…

Awnings Material Selection Guide How to Choose Awning materials for home and garden

Awnings are a basic necessity now especially with the heavy down pours and welcoming monsoons! Not only does the  water come inside our home but it also is dangerous as the floor of the garden becomes slippery with continuous flowing water. While I  so love my little space  under the sun and so do my plants for this time of the year a partial awning is absolute necessity. So while we call an installation personnel he is so shocked by the strong winds and heavy down pour in high rises ,  above floors. While we focus on design and colors of attractive awning materials, cost,  the practical reality is something else, and costly awning  is not always good, So just  wanted to share what we learned!How to Choose Awning and Awning materials for home and garden-1) Awning  Materials has to be thick and water proof.2) Choosing darker  colors helps as it will fade with sun light.3) Installation of fold able awnings has steel or metal parts that may rust fast  if you live near water lake or the s…

Fully Bloomed Brahma Kamal Flower Blooming from our Awesum Reader Kishore Reddy Thank you!

"Fully bloomed this time" as he mentioned, with happiness and excitement, the auspicious flower has been blooming in his home for many years.
In his words,
"Am glad I came to know about that precious flower. I planted this at my garden about four years back. Since then, I have been seeing more than 10 flowers every years. First flower starts around may and blooming lasts till September end. Some times more than two flowers for one leaf. The plant never grown so big. It is with a total of 15 to 20 leaves.

For the first time yesterday it actually bloomed to the max where white petals were bent back to give a visual as bramha being coming out in between petals. Awesome view.
I am Kishore from Bangalore"
Thank you so much Kishore Reddy for sharing your happiness with me and my precious readers of Garden Care Simplified!
The flower is so auspicious and has such a beautiful precious way of blooming, as if Brahma himself appears! God Bless from Rizwana!
Meanwhile the plant still…

Terrace Container gardening Biggest Risk!

Terrace Container gardening Biggest Risk! is in rains. While our terrace garden is at its best with the blessings pouring directly form heaven the down pour last week has brought up many new plants and the ones that were growing have been upright with new energy and blooms.
A major risk with containers on terrace, we saw a big container from the neighbor terrace garden go thud! down from the top below! so many floors, a biggest hazard very very dangerous that a large container can kill anyone!and it fell directly on a parked car and the damages were heavy. But we thanked God that no life was lost, and thinking of this still gives me goose to what more could have thank God, now they have made a grill but the others continue to put heavy containers lining the terrace wall and still do not accept that nature can be unpredictable, especially during monsoons.
Then it can also happen that the plant containers fall inside, again risking small children and pets at hom…