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Five Reasons Why Your Newly Planted Plant Died, 5 practical tips to save newly planted plants

Newly planted, yes with hope, happiness, excitement and planning to see some great awesum blooms, but within a few hours or a day the newly planted plant dies! So many queries I get that the newly planted plant has droopy leaves after a day of planting, or the sapling looks sick, the new plant does not give out any change or even that the plant suddenly died with no reason What so ever!
Why does a newly planted plant die?
The obsession , though there is hardly any space left, but still a  few more squeezed in the addition of my precious extended family! With my obsession of plants it is most  of the time that I have this compulsion to buy new plants. Actually they are squeezed in my little space under the sun but they love me and bless me with awesum blooms.

Happened with me so many times over the years , of gardening and container planting.With so much control on this buying and a gap of few months thinking of focussing on bigger container plants that are giving great blooms like the…

Recycle Old Furniture as garden planters Unique recycled garden planters

Recycle your old furniture, instead of throwing away old broken pieces of furniture you can reuse them unique creatively as garden planters. This beautiful concept has been going on since long time by eco friendly and eco awareness drives and this photo was shared by a friend on face book.
I have been using so many broken pots,  artifacts and sculptures as unique planters and even hand painted bottles that look awesum and also bring out the beauty in your greens! The gum boots and the helmet  is a classic one in my garden that are great conversation pieces!
for those who have large gardens it is difficult to bring out so many planters and this concept is so beautiful using recycled old furniture as planters. You not only benefit from the old furniture instead of throwing it you also do a bit for the mother earth by using these resources in a great way.
These also act as great focal points and beauty elements in your garden.
Do share your ideas and how you have been using this concept…

Evil Eye on Your plants Why plants die by evil eye effects and how to prevent evil eyes on your flowering plants

Evil Eye on Your plants , I don't know whether you have seen this and if you accept this, but I did not a few years back. It never came upon me that this could happen, but have seen plants die off within a few hours from some ones touch or evil eye or comment! Buri nazar on flowering plants has become common and people gets cared to show their blooms.
Few years back I would not have believed this but it happened in front of my eyes! I dont know why,  but women carry more negative energy as compared to men regarding flowering plants. Some one just plucked a tomato fruit and tasted it, threw it and by evening the plant dried! Roses too do not take well to everyone. And I have lost some great ones by visitors or servants just randomly plucking flowers.
Actually they don't realize that flowers are a part of the plant. I always take permission before plucking a flower, and that too only rarely I do as flowers stay fresh longer on plants. Then gently take sharp scissors and cut the …

How to recycle cut wood and make amazing show pieces Use Cut Wood and bring feng shui wood energy

Recycling cut wood from trees is a great cheap way to decorate your house. This inspiration came fifteen years back and still the pieces of painted wood from the Gulmohar tree are great and look unique and beautiful! A simple way to attract feng shui wood energy into your home is to add real wood that is excellent form of wood energy to activate relationships , health and wealth energy in your home or any space.
 You just have to look out for cut pieces from road side or your own garden, search for naturally beautiful forms, branches that may look like or are similar to any attractive form or shape. When I first saw this tree cut in our society compound, it just connected with me, there were so many beautiful forms, each one on its own amazing, some similar to what we see in nature some abstract and some intriguing but each one unique. And you just don't have to spend a  lot of money for buying these show pieces, you can make them simply at home.
 How to make wood decorative art…