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Hibiscus Plant Pests Problem and Growing Tips and some Budgie love bird health care

Hibiscus plants are grown for religious purposes as it is often sad that a home growing this flowering plant attracts good luck and God's Blessings. This is due to the fact that it is loved by Ganesha, the Elephant Headed God,  and also used as offering in temples. Hundreds of species of types of different hibiscus flowers! Its difficult to grow one for years and I wonder that's why it is so auspicious!  Especially as winter sets in the plants are always attacked by white flies, aphids or pest, I don't know why but due to low sunlight and high water content, is one of the reason, that many hibiscus plants grown on window sills in pots  do not make over the long chilly winters. From health benefits to symbolic religious importance Hibiscus is grown every where for their large sized blooms. Its great dye additive for hair and growing healthy hair. Not only had I planted many many different types but also once there was time when our garden was full of colored  hibiscus flowers.…

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants, watering tips for indoor plants

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants? while some follow the simple daily ritual of watering their indoor plants like the outdoor ones some keep it once in two days and some once a week. Some literally drown the plants in water, (I am , till I learnt the hard way!dedicated to the awesum ones who I have lost due to over watering...)

Since I had kept the beautiful awesum Chinese Green and Bamboo plants that grew beautifully indoors the watering was always an issue. Over watering the plants made the soil look soggy and also attract mosquitoes. The plate under neath the pots was taken care off in whenever the water seeped through from the bottom of the pot, because stagnant water breeds diseases. So I selected a ceramic container that could retain water for longer time.
It all depends upon the type of plant you have indoors. Mushy fleshy stem plants are what I love as they usually are less attention seeking and take care of their own even when we skip water for a few days. Then …

Goldie Love Bird eye swollen Love Bird Healthy Food and what Budgies Love to eat Care for love birds

Love bird eye swollen since past few days and though the garden is so vibrant with awesum gulmohar blooms, Lilly fragrances, Amaryllis large blooms, and Allamanda majenta big flowers,  and mogra heavenly white flowers the budgie who is a simply beautiful disciplined one, I have named her "Golden Monk" is sick...
No love birds don't show any signs of disease and looks good, eats with others but there is a swelling near her right eye and once we removed some pus but the boil seems to be like a tumour or thickened and don't know, just praying she recovers fast. Antibiotics help to heal faster and she was given feeding diluted with water with a dropper.
I don't know how, but on searching with google found that either some other budgie has hit her near the eye or she accidentally got hurt or it may be an eye infection. I so take care of keeping them clean, bathing them and they love the morning and evening trips outside under the blue sky with open breeze. praying f…

How My Gulmohar Flame of the Forest Tree Bloomed! Step by Step photos of blooming of Gulmohar and Practical Tips in container

First blooms came after five years, new year it skipped giving any blooms, seventh year a few little blooms and this year awesum fully loaded with vibrant vermillon unique blooms! Growing Gulmohar tree in a container and that too on a terrace, everyone would say its not possible! give it away! but my love for the Gulmohar, a spiritual connection already began fifteen years back when A Gulmohar tree was cut in our society compound and when I went among the cut pieces of woods saw beautiful pieces of Gods creation, each branch ,each shape calling my creative inner soul.
So I just collected lots of natural forms, hand painted them into beautiful decorative pieces, no I did not sell any, this thought never came upon me at that time. A few still remain with me especially the one in our living room, has immense happiness!
So the tree is like family, and this year it became so quiet during winters and I just cut off most branches assuming it has left us...but it surprised me with so many …