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Workable Practical Tips for Growing Flowering Plants in Cold Climate Countries by Karen Orlando Thank you so Much Karen!

Workable  practical tips for growing flowering plants in cold climate countries, what most of readers of Garden Care Simplified from US and Canada have been searching for, comes with a wonderful blessing from an awesum friend Karen Orlando, on Face Book, you can see her passion, love and care for her lovely ones, as they definitely give back the love with awesumly fragrant blooms! Lets read Karen Orlando! My Overwintered Tropical Plants. This is how I overwintered my Cestrum Nocturnum (Night blooming Jessamine) , Lakeview Jasmine, and small Potted Gardenia plants. Hello everyone! I found this group because I was looking for some info on Night Blooming Jessamine (Cestrum Nocturnum) about when I should bring my overwintered plants from inside my house back outside this Spring. I wanted to know living here in S.E. Lower Michigan what the minimum night time low temps would be that these plants could safely tolerate before setting them out for the season. I didn't find any concl…

Garden Care Simplified, our blog has been featured as among the Top 12 Blogs in India by Baggout Team, Thank you so much Baggout for this recognition

Thanks a lot for your awesum support and love shown to my blog readers of Garden Care Simplified, our blog has been featured as among theTop 12 Blogs in India by Baggout Team, Thank you so much Baggout for this recognition, God Bless you All! As I continue to share my passion of growing unique plants, keep growing them in a small space under the sun , keep buying and keep sharing practical experiences and tips...Thanks a Lot! Meanwhile the garden is at its best with awesome Summers giving out colorful blooms, and as I love colors so I select plants with colorful flowers, and this time God Has blessed in amazing ways! Thank you God for these beautiful blessings and wonderful nature being a part of my life.
Roses are awesum! Mogra is fully loaded with heavenly fragrances...
 Allamanda, where my beautiful pet Boku blue love bird lies in peace is giving out large sized blooms! and of course the Gulmohar with its loaded buds in just about going to begin an awesum show of Reds!

The hot summer…

Green Peppers Capsicum Plant Photos and Tips Shared by an Awesum Reader Charmi Vora

The capsicum with its beautiful  shape, commonly called Bell Peppers is a beautiful fruit that is very good for health and heart. peppers it seems alleviate hormones that are required to boost immunity and fight diseases. Peppers, Jalapeno, Chilli, Capsicum that finds a prominent place as toppings on our pizzas!
While some refer it as herb, some vegetable and some fruit it is one thing which sometimes people complain they are difficult to digest. Great for high cholesterol and heart patients as it improves blood circulation as mentioned by many qualified the peppers sure have different levels of chill factors.
The fruit of capsicum contains a capsaicin, a chemical factor that helps in reducing pain.
Also good for peptic ulcers and also has many beneficial properties in improving skin, hair, and over all immunity. Excellent sources of vitamin C they boost hair growth and give healthy hair. And are also believed to relive from pre menstrual stress and bloating. As a laxative helps for t…

Bougainvellias around the globe names Symbolism and simple practical bougainvillea designing and growing tips Indoor and Outdoors

A Tribute to an awesum plant Bougainvellia! For the one that has tolerated my whims and fancies and still stays with us giving us loads of vibrant blooms( I have trimmed them, cut and thrown so many , got real angry with the thorns, after feng shui reading wanted to remove all,  and still kept one stub of a stem that is so caring , it still loves me! And am planning to add some lovely colors this season!) A native to Brazil and South America. Heart shaped leaves of bougainvillea fascinating awesum colors brilliance and glow. From shocking pinks magentas lilacs to peach to mango colored we see these beautiful plants all over the world. They are very strong, resistant and forgiving plants! can tolerate most of the climates and bloom all year round.  The bracts are colorful paper thin and inside we see a tiny tubular off white or white flower. The name bougainvellia is a tribute to Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainvella, a Frenchman, as he was the captain of the ship that travelled around…

Important Practical Tips to make Great Fertilizer Feed at Home Growing orchid flowers struggle and Some Great symbolism of pigeons laying eggs Heaven luck in our Garden

Great heaven luck ,welcoming some new energy in our garden with loads of happiness! The Gulmohar tree , one with us since past seven years and has given so many vibrant vermilion colored blooms was so very quite this season..
and then as spring came I took the bold step , with heavy heart, to trim some of its branches, actually preparing myself that it is gone, and some great awesum surprises it gave with bringing out lime green colored fresh greens!

 Some new life in our garden, so as the pigeons were about to search for home, frequently visiting our home which I did  not allow finally they took home in one of the containers and had two eggs that were hidden from the crows due to thick foliage. From the shocking large sized caterpillar symbolizing warning and change now come pigeons laying eggs!
Pigeons are amazing persistent beings, they symbolize homecoming new happiness and good luck.
 They just find an great place where they see the supply of regular food and water and lay eggs…