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Vaikunth Flower Show, Piramal Residencies at Balkum Thane Buy a Home Surrounded by World of Exotic Flowers

Vaikunth flower show, Thane City, Biggest flwoer show, Piramal Residencies, amazingly beautiful, exotic blooming gardens and what a magical place to own a house here! Themed garden and beautiful landscapes,, the concept of the Piramal Group , connecting the elements , a way to bring back the hectic influence of internet bringing us back to Mother Earth. Great Feng Shui!
Knowing my obsession for flowers and exotic blooms, and things just seem to come in front, like the newspaper article, my hubby shared, and what a magically beautiful experience!
While I booked the invite online, so you get your access number,  it was an Awesum welcome and a Great Show, the first day at Vaikunth Flower Show! Amazing crowds and just a merry and cheery environment with not just flowers but a complete package of entertainment with fantasy fairy tale gardens, themed gardens, tree houses and flower gardens,e specially the Orchid Hunters Garden, gets  TEN STARS! A collection of so many exotic orchids at on…

Hibiscus Practical Plant Care in Winter and My Dream Flowers Paintings Who Knows I might get it! Orange plants from seeds parrot flower and SonTakka plants

Beautiful fruitful Year is coming to an end ...again with new hope, new dreams and loads of excitement! From the winter care for my extended family to the love of Birdie and Honey, and my paintings, wishes poured down on canvas and paper, who knows I might get it!
Winter has set it with low sunlight and only few hours of direct sunlight and plants are showing signs of leaf drop, frizzled look and some are in Awesum Majestic happiness, especially the Yellow exotic Mussaenda flowering shrub,, The White Snow leaves tree  and Roses!
Winter care is must and white fungus and aphids attacks are common. the Hibiscus especially is at  risk, as it loves full sunlight and is prone to getting white fungus, bugs  mealy bugs, whatever, they are we can see them crawl! The plant even after lots of treatments does not take too well to attacks and pest control medications many of the precious  rare Hibiscus plants have left us...
Saving Hibiscus in Winter-
1) Nip in the bud! as soon as you see white …

Yellow Alder Flowers Plant Kamini Bush Mussaenda White Fragrant Type of Jasmine Plant Flowering Tips and Birdie Got Honey

Yellow flower, there was a time when I have specifically searched for the colors of all chakras. While we have reds, pinks, purples, blues, I still had to get the Solar Plexus Chakar color yellow flowering plant. One is a chanced upon lucky one that had grown under our car in the rainy season and  would have died there, so I planted it and bravo, what awesum yellow blooms! On Google search found it is Yellow Alder and not just beautiful but has a lot of medicinal properties, so this is luck, where we spend hundreds of Rupees to search for buying  exotic blooming plants some one just fell in my lap!!!not literally! The Flowers are soothing yellow and open in day time and close by afternoon. But these are loved by sparrows and pigeons and maybe rats! The plant gives out so many blooms again and again, no waiting period!
The Mussaenda, looking almost similar in flowering like Poinsettia plant blooms except they are a beautiful yellow tiny flowers. and white leaf like sepals.  A great a…

Eco Friendly Ponds Feng Shui Water Gardens and Low Maintenance Eco Friendly Water Garden Tips and How seeds planted sprout fast

Eco friendly ponds, water gardens and eco lakes are so important today to bring a balance in nature. doing your own bit for the ecological balance you can make sure your water garden is low maintenance and eco friendly with simple tips. Visited this eco friendly pond and loved the peaceful ambiance of the  space.  Fishes feed on algae, bacteria feed on  deposits and water plants grow well covering the layer protecting from strong sunlight that would kill the water life underside. Its like each one befitting the other and living in harmony and also maintaining the balance.
Meaning of eco ponds- they actually take care of themselves! People go out of the way to install pipes, irrigation systems, cleaning equipment and water features to make their water garden attractive. It would be advisable to think simply the natural way is best.
Plants, Aquatic plants add to the beauty of the water gardens and also give a great look to the design of your garden. Lotus, water lilies, algae,  sea wee…

Betel leaf Pan Climber and My Lovely New Extended Family and How to Grow New Hibiscus Plant from Cuttings

Betel leaf, commonly known as Paan in Hindi, Pan in Bengali, Tambula and Nagavalli in Sanskrit, Tanbul in Persian. Betel leaf, paan is used as mouth freshener but known to stain teeth by regular consumption. Piper betel is the leaf of a vine, it includes pepper and kava. Not only eaten the leaves of Paan are used in many auspicious traditional ceremonies.
It is consumed by adding Areca nut, slaked lime, cardamom, saffron, cloves, fennel seeds, turmeric, aniseed, and sweeteners with tobacco according to preferences.
Have been fascinated by the wrapping techniques and the chewing sessions which were symbolic and a great respect for guests after meals. And of course the traditions of giving any offering of gift with this symbolic leaf under neath.
Requires partial sunlight and well draining yet wet soil and good support as it grows great in hanging baskets. But lots of protection from bird friends they  love this!

 Some of the new additions to our family look happy and keeping my finger…