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With the onset of rains the garden is at its best! the lovely blue bells climber is going wild with lots of lovely vibrant ultramarine blue flowers that look almost like rose flowers,except they are a beautiful blue.
Even the red hibiscus has given out large sized blooms that glow bright vermillon red as against the grey sky backdrop,and the red crimson lake colored canna blooms, with the bougainvilleas and the adenium all in their glory with the cool temperatures and the water coming form heaven.  making the whole garden look like a painted canvas of colors!

 Just the right time for repotting any plants that have outgrown or are sick, not showing any progress. The son champa plant has been with us since past six years or more and never given out any blooms, even after trimming many times.  Tried this year to replant it and check out the roots, and it had a vast root system that had over taken the whole large container and the base was not receiving water, think here was the proble…