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Bright Yellow Day Lilly Flowers Care and Planting Tips How to Grow Beautiful yellow Baskets of Happiness Day Lillies

Bright cheery golden yellow flowers welcoming in this gloomy rainy weather, is a wonderful sight in our terrace garden.  Not only do they act as a wonderful color contrast among the fresh green leaves to the sky of dark grey but also shine in almost heavenly glow of golden yellow against the sky.
Not only this yellow but another one also seems enjoying the rains and growing wildly fast, the water melon creeper is throwing tendrils from every where and clinging to almost any plant to grow higher.

 The day lilly flowers are very easy to grow and spread like wild. In borders, in baskets and hanging pots they beautify the space and act as energizers with their golden yellow color. Day lillies are also available in many colors, white, pink, light purple and orangy yellow.

The day lilly plants grow very fast because the seed pods have plenty of seeds that easily spread with the wind every where.  No wonder we see whole mountains covered with cheery golden yellow flowers.
The best view we…

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons, as the rains have come as a welcome respite from the scorching heat and sweat another task at hand is how to take care of garden plants and especially open grass lawns.  From soil over flowing and making the pathway muddy to insects and tiny creatures making space within the grass puddles there is some care required for open lawns during rainy season , monsoons.
Yet as we toil hard to grow the greens , monsoons are the best time to enjoy your garden and open space under the sky, feels like heaven!
Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons-
1) It is advisable to prepare before hand and many people get shades installed for garden to protect plants and lawn from heavy down pour. We also have the swing with shade that gives protection from rain and allows us to enjoy the greens during monsoons.
2) Temporary plastic covers can also be added as the one sin cricket or soccer fields.
3) If you wish to keep the lawns open for the greens t…

Jackfruit Health Benefits Tips for cutting Jack Fruits Phanus How to cut jack fruit tips


Wonder Herb Basil Beauty uses Quit Smoking Naturally with Tulsi Leaves Get Instant Glowing Skin Naturally

Tulsi Holy Basil plant is considered very auspicious especially for Hindus but universally loved by everyone for their healing medicinal properties. It is a plant found in every home because of its symbolic value and medicinal properties of healing.

caught a glimpse of this beautiful exotic red bird, so tiny yet beautiful, so close to us!
Scientific name of the sacred Tulsi plant is Ocimum Tenuiflorum and Basil is its English name.
Tulsi the wife of Vishnu, is most respected and loved and having this plant in home is considered auspicious and lots of care is taken to keep the plant healthy. There is a belief that the plant shrivels with negative energy or if the home or owner is going to. Some people plant it outside their home whereas some swear never to place it outside.   
Tulsi plant does not like direct sunlight and grows best in indirect sunlight. We have lost many tulsi plants, i really don't know why she does not love me! the best part of growing tulsi plant at home in c…