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Red Color Leaves Agave Plants Fruits and Care While Growing Agave Plants

Agave variety maybe the plant with beautiful colored red elongated leaves  Agave Striata Gualdalcazar / Agave Striata Rubra am not aware of the plant name, is a beautiful plant grown in dry  rocky soil requiring less watering and full sunlight. The fruits or flowers look like pineapple fruits, except in beautiful reddish peach color.There are so many different types of agave planst with beautiful greenish grey colored elongated leaves. This one looks great even without flowers or frutis as the leaves are a beautiful reddish coppery green colored.
The thorny leaves grow well under full sunlight and act as great focal points in any landscape garden design. This plant picture is captured in a private landscaped garden. Wowed with the beautiful colored leaves and fruits!
Meanwhile our garden is happy with blast of color with full sunlight. With another few stems coming up of the large sized Amaryllis flowers, bestest investment ever, buy one bulb and within few years  make fifty!

Our bu…

Flowering in Curry Leaves Plant and Friendly Unexpected Visitor Monkey to Our Terrace Garden

This was  a huge surprise and I have never seen the curry leaves plant flower or heard about this. The plant has given out a long stem juts like bulb plants and had tiny creamish buds in large numbers.
 The flowers opened after a few days and looked beautiful, tiny miniature like flowers very similar to white lilly or amaryllis , but just very very small.
The beauty in nature and God's creation was in detail , each flower so tiny, with the thin creamish petals and clear shape, this has maybe come up after many years. Maybe the plant got affected by being surrounded with everywhere blooming flowers.
With two of our Amaryllis bulbs giving out healthy large sized blooms the garden is a riot of colors, white as in mogra and juhi and roses of pink and whites, spider lily and peace lilly flowers, kamini with citrus fragrant creamish bunches, peach, pink kaners, champa, and just colors and fragrances like wild! Thank you God!

Saturday,  welcome to our garden was an unexpected visito…

Balsam Plant flowering Tips and Care How to grow Healthy Balsam Plants

Balsam plants the lovely colorful vibrant flowers seen usually on hilly regions and mountainous regions are the ones I found difficult to grow, maybe because they needed the right type of soil and watering. Growing the lovely colored flowering balsam plants for some is the easiest when the right mixture is used for growing.
A very good morning! the red amaryllis is in full majestic elegance as the huge red flowers dominate the garden. The flowers come in about a few years and are something to really worth watch for.
Balsam is a plant grown in hilly regions especially seen in Himalayas. The plant with its unique shaped leaves grown in a bush shape form and grows well as borders and also in containers.

A beautiful flowering plant Balsam has been grown for  its medicinal uses and well as symbolic purposes. There are lovely flowers in red, pink, white and shaded variety which look like tiny roses.  The Balsam plant needs full sunlight and also regular feedings when grown in containers.

Mogra and Juhi Flowers in Full Bloom Simple Tips and Tricks for Big blooms The Saved Pigeon

With the hot summers comes a welcoming treat in the garden, the fragrant flowers are in full bloom. With the mogra, jasmine, juhi and lilly plants all covered with white fragrant flowers the cool evenings and night shave become quite inviting and pleasant with the fragrances coming along with the breeze.
A surprise in the garden, the curry leaves plant has given out a bunch of off white creamish buds, nature always surprises me with its immense beauty. I have never seen nor known that curry leaves plant also give out flowers!
The obsessed gardener in me still continues to add up and squeeze some new ones but this poor little ficus plant got burnt in the sun while travelling. Hope it recovers soon.
Juhi flowers have this time given off quite large sized blooms, looking almost like white roses.  The many petalled juhi flowers are fragrant and even a  single flowers is enough to freshen up a room.

The best time to enjoy white fragrant mogra and jasmine plants is at night, the bestest …