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Healthy Raat Ki Rani Plant Night Blooming Jasmine photographs Shared by our Blog reader Latha, Thank You

This beautiful Raat ki Rani plant photographs are shared by our blog reader of garden care Simplified, Thank you Latha.
 With spring setting in the climate has been looking great and the plant is also looking healthy with a nice welcoming spot near the entrance receiving sunlight and lots of love!.
 The plant has been watered once a week and looks great, but as the temperatures may rise watering is required more frequenly.
Here we have to even water our plants twice a day on some hot days now or daily. With the climate at your place I think you will have to increase the waterings.
 The white spots appearing on leaves are a sign of :-
1) watering during afternoons or hot times when the leaves are hot and you sprinkle water over them.
2) Too much fertilizer in soil for getting many blooms.
3) Tiny black insects eating up, observe the back side of the plant for black eggs. wash the plant thoroughly and remove all eggs.
4) sign of distress, change of place or environment.
5) Usually …

The Seeds Burst Beautiful Show of Nature Adenium Plant Seeds

The bestest feeling, a natural wonder in natures show, the adenium pods, which i have till date collected  had rice shaped seeds, but this time I let it mature in the open on the plant, and was awe struck by the beauty of this pod. In the early ten o'clock sun the seed pod naturally burst in front of me into a magical silky ball, and the little ones were fast to run off everywhere, going along with the wind.
This is natures way of helping the plant to spread wide and around the world. With so much positive chi and the silky soft furry ball of seeds it was a magical morning. The fellows were so fats I nearly had to run to collect them and the feel was great. The softness of silk, the furry hair, and the protected seeds inside. Each seed was dry and covered with the silky soft hair.
They were as if alive and running everywhere fast and with one swift traveled to the whole house , with me after them. It was difficult to hold them in hand due to the silky softness and with another …

Two different Succulents Kalanchoe Plants and Important Care for Flowering Succulent Plants

Succulent Tropical Kalanchoe plant,  so many variates of beautiful succulents are available, each with different unique colorful flowers.
Succulents are easy to grow but I have not had much of luck with them and finally have decided to keep buying succulents till I get the right growth techniques and formula for flowering!. The ones recently added to our family are near dying maybe because of the direct sunlight they face over the terrace garden. I have tried something different by placing the pots  on the outside window sill of our Kitchen window so that they receive indirect sunlight from early sunrise.
Bit I guess they need sunlight also to grow healthy. As for watering,  the rains, unexpected during last month have done the damage.The succulents plants have fleshy leaves . The growth patterns was similar to the early succulents bought over the years. Fleshy green leaves in different green shades from light green to greyish green to dark green , oval shaped, tear drop shaped or ro…