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Flower Rose Garden Munnar Flower Show Exotic Kerala Exotic Flowers in kerala

Back with exotic flowering plant seeds, bulbs of flowering plants and of course some new additions to the family! Meanwhile back home the white tree is full of tiny white leaves/ that look like flowers, as if snow in our garden. and am waiting to see the exotic blooms of onion bulb that luckily cam alogn with onions from market and on seeing a tiny green shoot coming out I just impulsively gave it a home, and it seems to be happily growing fast!new life,
Thank you to all my Blog readers, plant lovers who have shared their beautiful plants photographs, Gardening tips and experiences, and all those who are passionate about gardening!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year Ahead!
Lets bring the New year with more adding to the family of gardeners, and more of greenery and color  all around!As I had shared in January  this year the exhibition of plants in Thane, so in December the Annual Horticulture fair, the exhibition of Plants Kerala, Alleppey till 28th December 2014, if you ar…

Munnar Spices Garden Kerala Herbs and Spices Garden Coffee Plant Nutmeg Zaiphal and Cocoa Plant

A Must visit,  Exotic Herbs and Spices Garden Munnar, Kerala. Right from Daily used herbs and spices like coriander and Cardamom we have exotic cocoa beans plant, coffee plant and even All spices plant, and the guide sure explains you in detail about each one!
 and we have green and red and black peppers at different stages of spiciness ! Enjoy!

 Real treat as we never get to see such plants here in Mumbai!

Coming in next post Never knew cardamom grow like trailing beads on the ground floating from the stem and the Exotic Rudraksha Tree!
God Bless from Rizwana!

Enchanting Kerala Munnar Tea Plantations and Exotic Flowers

So while the dream destination of Cochin, fulfilled, Kerala, and the lovely vast Back waters, the place is full of exotic flowers and was a real treat during the awesum winters! the obsessed gardener has attracted once again some more to the family, so while we have a few more plants and exotic flower seeds, bulbs added right all the way from kerala, was unexpectedly surprised with this gift, sharing some exciting pics of flower show in Kerala and Spices Garden in Munnar next!
Have a Merry Christmas a a Very Very Happy New Year Ahead! God Bless from Rizwana!

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, Lantana Colorful Flower Plants Care and Growing Tips

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, yes these are Lantana Colorful Flower  Plants. Easy growing and give out fragrant blooms, smell like nilgiri, eucalyptus , Lantana plants are not a native of India and have migrated here.

Lantana plants have colourful flowers and the colours range from clear yellow, white to reds and oranges. I love the many shaded variety growing where the plant flowers into two colors.  The centre of the bunch is different colour and the outer layer of flowers are different. Nature is beautiful!

 The lantana flowers are a work of fine art and beauty,  on closer inspection we can see that the whole flower is made up of tiny small flowers. When we touch them the tiny flowers fall and can be closely observed . The blooms are very delicate though they remain on the plant for long. The small flowers are very fragrant and the fragrance is woody and strong. When planted in groups the lantana fragrance can be felt from far away. Fragrance also feels like the Eucalyptus tre…

How to Grow Good orange fruit plant in container some practical tips for growing orange fruit feng shui wealth plant in container

Really good orange fruit plant grown in container , awesum sight!
Orange plants, the best wealth and money attracting feng shui plants have been grown in many homes and also seen at entrances of offices.  Oranges have been a favorite fruit for many due to its beautiful orange colour and the citrus fragrance. The orange fruit can be used in total as for juice and the cover skin , orange peel is used as flavorings for cakes and pastries. Great on vitamins and minerals the orange fruit juice is rejuvenating, refreshing as well as good mask and toner  for facial skin. Even though many people buy orange feng shui plants with fruits most have the complaint that they never fruit after this. Some how people start feeling low about the feng shui of their space, and it also works to the psychology of your brain.
So decided to share a few important practical  tips for growing healthy feng shui orange plants.

From the green leaves after a few years, (ours began from six months) the plant br…

Easy practical Home Composting Tips and How to make your own compost from home left overs recycling for healthy blooms

Composting one of the easiest ways to nourish your plant soils and also in return get healthy and large sized blooms. One of our precious readers brought up this important topic which I have been using since years but never gave a second  thought.
Composting is now made very easy with ready made composting bins, wired meshes and compost tumblers and dividing special areas for preparing compost. In one of the societies who are proud growers of vegetables and fruits, container gardening on terrace,  boast of making their own compost. Then there are many who have land dig up a pit and make their own compost.
What is compost? it is a fertilizer, your plant food made from left overs from your home. healthy bacteria work in the garbage and make it nourishing.
How does compost benefit?  its like an healthy tasty ice cream for plants, tonic and mood uplifter, they love the nutrients and vitamins and texture, when added in proper timings give out healthy blooms.
What I have been doing since ye…