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Google searches and Gardening ebooks in Simple Language are Great for Learning about Plants and Flowers


Original Photos of Brahma Kamal Flower Shared by a Reader of Garden Care Simplified

Brahma Kamal, Sausseurea Obvallata a night blooming plant, with so much of fascination and magic involved as  the blooms open at early night and close off before sunrise. The whole process is quiet magical , the elongated leaves, the lanky dangling stems plant, the buds appearing on the edges of leaves, the long time spent for the blooms to mature  and finally the magical night, early night where the buds begin to open, over the time the flower gradually opens and is fully awake and as the dawn begins the process begins of gradually signing off! As many believe that flowering in this plant brings in loads of good luck, blessings in disguise,  wealth, health, prosperity, I am not sure of this, but I do agree, this is the out of this world experience and I would definitely like to experience this magic...which has led me  to this obsession of collecting brahma kamal plants, waiting to see  their blooms! there  are at present three plants  in our terrace garden got from different places…

Croton Plant Colorful leaves Plant with Red tiny star shaped tubular flowers

Colorful leaves plant crotons, have so many different varieties that I am awestruck by the colors in leaves. With winter setting in the time to visit the many nurseries to add something unique. This si the ebst time for blooming plants who love to give out vibrant colorful blooms, whites , yellows, red, oranges, peaches , maroon , so many colorful flowers ,especially roses are at their best!
Crotons the wonderful splash of colorful leaves breaking from the monotony of greens in your garden these crotons come in more than 750 varieties and each one unique and beautiful as the other! As I had always wanted colorful flowering plants till nowmy focus lately has been on coloring foliage in my garden. So while I have again planted cuttings of small Chinese rose to bring vibrant shocking pink in the garden, another break from chilly winter climate are the warm vibrant flowers on croton plants.