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Why we need Extension Ladders for Garden


Grow Badishep at Home Badi Shep Fennel Seeds Sauf plant Properties and Types

Grow badi shep at home, very easy growing plant among spices and herbs and also does not require much care. Used for healing in various disorders badi shep is a favorite among all age groups and has become  a  quick after meal ritual in many homes.
 Foeniculum vulgari (little hay) the botanical name , in sanskrit known as shatapushpa.
sauf, badi shpe, paan muheri, variari, badi-sopu, fennel seeds have plenty of names as I came to know of  this beautiful tasty easy growing herb. While we gorged on badi shep since childhood,  the mouth fulls of tasty sweet juicy seeds still brings back lots of happy memories. And while this still is an important  part of the daily after meal / tea ritual, the different types of badi shep available in market did fascinate us.
The colorful sugar coated sweet  badi shep , commonly known as "chuhe ki lendi" the name sounds YUK today (named maybe because of the shape)  but was a relishing one then. Yellow, red, orange, white, greens , blues all c…

Cost Effective Ways to Renew the Look of Your Garden Simple Steps to Refurbish your Garden

It is normal to get bored with how your garden looks from time to time. That is why you occasionally need to give it a makeover in order to keep it looking fresh and interesting. But this is something that a lot of people avoid since they think it will be expensive and time-consuming. That is not always the case. With the help of these simple tips, you will be able to give your garden a makeover without breaking the bank or making a hole in your pocket!
1) Pay attention to the canopy

If you have a canopy in your garden, you don’t have to change it in order to make it look new. Oftentimes, a thorough cleaning is all that is needed. Be careful when you clean the canopy covers because have the potential to get damaged the easiest. If they have a few holes or rips, some stitching and patch work might be necessary, but you can still get them looking much better with a little effort.
2) Add a new coat of paint

Garden Gazebo and Pool Covers