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Rare Flowering of Agave Plant White Flowering Stem on Agave Plant

Rare plants, agave plants though seen in many landscape designs and usually found in rock gardens have very beautiful flowers. There are many types of agaves found, each variety have different shaped unique flower.

Agave plants grown for their different look are usually used as  corner  or centre plants where  there is less traffic, not many people walk close to the plant. As I had parted with many types of agave plants few years back due to the thorn spiky leaves, very sharp and dangerous, nevertheless the plant has beautiful flowering stem this season and it is definitely unique and rare.
It is believed that the agaves normally flower after many years and it  is a are sight to see one flower. Agave plants have thorny spiky leaves and usually landscape designers  plant these in rock gardens as  they do not require much care and watering.
Agave plants,  have a variety of leaves, in many shades of green , usually greyish green colored leaves. Some small plants have spiky leaves and the…

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Color Changing Green Pink Leaves Magical Abelia Mardi Grass

Color changing leaves plant, magical, almost. Abelia Mardi Grass I think is the name of this ornamental plant that changes color of its leaves on exposure to sunlight. There are a variety of plants that have pink foliage and change color on exposure to the amount of sunlight.
 The pink color gradually develops from the original lime green leaves and looks coppery tinted pink.
 The original plant is of a shade of lime green with spots, speckled of dark green. The plant itself looks quite beautiful with its bright foliage and when the leaves change color it is quite a beauty among the garden greens. So if you are finding it difficult to have flowering plants , with all the care this is the easiest growing plant with the lovely pink colored leaves.
 Care of Abelia mardi grass , pink colored leaves ornamental plant- Watering needs to be regular but not over watering and the plant grows well in a well draining soil. The plant when over watered drowns and dies off . There is also one more…

Red Champa Frangipani Flowering Plant Care and Tips Refreshing Nature Trails

Champa flowers are used in rituals and religious way in temple offerings to God. The champa flowers also have been famous as the girl in Hawaii adorned with a garland of frangipani or an hair piece decorated on the head. Hawaii is best connected with frangipani flowers garlands and hair decorations.Red champa flowers just as fragrant as yellow white champa and of utmost religious sanctity among Hindu religion and many other religions the Champa frangipani has always been considered an important plant to have in ones garden. Not only do the red blooms look great among the dark bright green foliage but they also smell great.
 Beautiful red flowers and a shade of off white cream centre, just like strawberry vanilla duet ice cream this flower looks very beautiful and also has strong fragrance that can be experienced from far away.

 Frangipani Champa plants have a lot of religious sanctity among many religions especially Hindus. It is believed that the champa plant due to its heavenly f…