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Online Auction Sites Booming Buy Anything Cheap

Razarts: Online Auction Sites Booming Buy Anything Cheap: Auctions sites are booming now and every item can be purchased at very very cheap rates. With lots of auction sites on the web we can

How to Plant Bulbs and Care of Bulbs Plants Flowering Tips

Time to plant bulbs as winter is moving out with fresh green shoots coming out from many plants. Our Adenium and the flowering cactus did give us lovely blooms all the season and not to mention the lovely fragrant roses.
Sad about the loss of the Ajwain plant which was with us for many years, it had grown wild, it had grown in many pots, and it had been shared, guess the time had come, each plant has its life, in the last few days the plant tried to bring in small leaves from the dried shoots of stems but guess winter also played havoc and chilly breeze along with less sunlight was the last straw! the roots caught fungus and thus ended to the life.
 The amaryllis had not bloomed last year and as there were too many small bulbs in the pot it needed transplanting. When there are too many bulbs in single container and added a few more babies the plant develops more green elongated leaves then the bulb will not have enough energy to produce blooms.
 Over watering and cloggy soil will kill…