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Shevanti Plant Chrysanthemums Growing and Flowering Tips Symbolism of Shevanti Flowers


Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree 6 Decorating Precautions for Real Christmas Tree Plant

Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree, how nice to have your own grown Christmas tree and decorate this plant for the festival. Christmas tree plants have always been a favorite among gardeners not just for their symbolic festive spirits but also for their unique leaves and beautiful shape. Assuming   that many of us  have already planted a Christmas tree well in advance we are all set to decorate our plants with lights and colorful decorations  without considering the  health of your christmas  tree.

 here I share a few simple precautions to be taken while decorating your own grown Christmas tree plant in container.
 Decorating Precautions for Real own grown  Christmas Tree Plant in container-
1) Assuming you have grown a Christmas tree in container it will be needed to be carried indoors for the festival celebrations. The plant may have adapted to the climate outdoors and sunlight and warmth it receives outdoors will not be present indoors, especially when you w…

How to Buy a Best Gift Plant this holiday season simple tips for selecting plants for gifting

The Best Gift a Plant this holiday season,  why not gift nature this beautiful season and spread happiness and cheer with good health. Gifting a plant has become so easy with many online websites of plant nurseries who  wills end you gift to the recepient on time.Receiver of this small part of living nature will brighten, soothe your relationships and help to spread some more positive energy for the mother earth.
simple tips for  selecting plants for gifting when buying from nurseries or online plant nursery websites-

1)When you are out to buy a plant for gifting take a proper look at the color of leaves, insect signs or whimpering or droopy leaves,select a healthy plant only. The recipient will take some time to get adjusted with water routine of the new gifted plant.
2)  Be sure you  buy from a reputed online plant nursery website only. Yes there are many sites which sell similar naming plants or weaker plants that look great when received but do not grow well alter on. This is the …

How to Use Cowdung in gardening and Tips for effective Use of Cowdung for Plants

How to Use Cowdung in gardening ? since olden times  we have heard that adding cowdung helps the plants to grow healthy and give good flowers and fruits.In city life we  hardly come in contact with cowdung and what is available is ready mixes which are packed in plastic packets and this is all we  get to give nourishment to our  plants.
Here I share How to use cowdung  as a fertilizer and Tips for effective Use of Cowdung for Plants,
Cowdung use in growing plants, can help to provide all the nutrients needed for healthy growth of your plants and greens. 
Adding some dried cowdung in the soil while planting will give a boost to the growth of your new plant and also help in flowering or fruiting faster.
Fertilzer cowdung use in gardening, till date is the best fertiliser for all types of plants, vegetables ,fruits and flowering plants.

How to use cowdung for flowering plants:-
Cowdung, does have a very very strong smell when wet! if you can tolerate this then it will work wonders to …

Hibiscus Calliphyllus Flower Plant Symbolism Uses Tips and Care

Hibiscus calliphyllus flowers  plants have always been in homes as of symbolic religious importance in Hinduism as these flowers are used as offerings for Lord Ganesh and Goddess Kali. The Goddess is always seen  adorning the red hibiscus flower and hence this has lots of religious sanctity and value in Hinduism.  There are so many varieties of hibiscus flowering plants, each flower unique and found in lovely colors and shaded varieties.
The red hibiscus flowers full of vibrant energy symbolise passion, desire and love and often a symbol of fertility. It symbolises outstanding beauty and love.

Flowers are large conspicuous and very attractive. Five petalled, four petalled and many colors have been with us over the years. White, pink, yellow, reds of different shaped  flowers, shaded yellow & maroon, pink & white, off whites, peachy, orange,  heavenly white so many have been with us blessing us with plenty of blooms.  The latest addition is a rare species of hibiscus which loo…