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Monday, December 17, 2012

Missing Alexandrine Parakeet Mitthin Photographs

Alexandrine parakeet mitthin
 still missing ,the whole world has taken to their routine...of all the homes she used to visit, children with whom she played , leaving and forgetting to eat, of all the windows where she rested, from the 24th of November, 2012 when she last visited us in the morning...
Pet parakeet thinking

curious parakeet 

after the bath parakeet

resting time parakeet

enjoying the trip parakeet 

working with me mitthin
enjoying the garden alexandrine parakeet 

super happy mitthin parakeet

enjoying the nap parakeet
Except for prayers I do not have any other way, people do laugh away at the thought of finding her, a bird who is left free, after the sticking of pamphlets, and enquiring in the next buildings, I have no way left, searching, waiting alone...Is it my mistake to keep her free, no cage, to enjoy her life and still care for her..
Karma is at work, may be she is helpless, I am help less, but nature is not helpless, God never fails them who leave their trust in him, The universe has its own laws which though may take time but is something to be afraid of, if you love something the whole universe conspires for you to get it, closing off with this faith, a small little hope...

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