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Fresh salads and vegetables for a Healthy New Year Gift

Wishing all readers of Garden care Simplified and gardeners of the whole world a Happy gardening new year. Hope you see the fruits of your labour, new rare flowers, healthy ways to grow vegetables and full bounty of delicious fruits in your gardens!
With container gardening on our terrace and trying to grow healthy fruits in containers I have parted with many fruit trees at the end of 2012 to be grown in soil, as it is best for them, missing the delicious red cherries and the small chickoo fruits!. Hope they are happy!
A gift for a healthy new year, change your lifestyle. healthy food, green salads and fresh vegetables and fruits. Pune visit has been very informative and helpful and an new awareness on health and lifestyle.
greentokri, a venture to provide healthy foods , doing their bit for the environment , grow in healthy manner vegetables, fruits and salads, the rare exotic herbs also are available.
health foods are an important part of our life style, as we all know 'we are w…

The Attractive Luring Stops - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

attractive, luring, time energy consuming stops, where most of us are tempted to sit and we lose focus of our goals. In this life time and again we get expected and unexpected halts which take us away from our goals, we try hard but it seems impossible to continue, at such times faith is a strong support system. Believe in the power that exists above us, above all the energies, that which loves us , which has only our betterment.
With our pet missing I am going through such a time where however hard I try cannot focus on art. Still at the end of the day I try to remember my long term goals, try to do at least a bit towards continuing.
Art just does not mean painting, it is much more, the thoughts of works are going on, ideas, the wait,the stored energy which will finally unfold onto the blank canvas that i see daily at each time. Thoughts attachments, lead to energy drain, we do not realise how much energy we spend on thinking of unwanted things, that which we cannot do anything abou…

Gardening Simplified Wishes All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The year 2012, with happy and sad memories, our garden has added many new ones to the family and also lost some, some have left us due to climatic conditions, some have had a natural life span death, whereas some even after drying have sprung up to new life this winter.

Gardening has taught me many lessons of life. the wait, waiting for the new shoots after planting a new plant, waiting for blooms few days, few months, few years and waiting and waiting and the immense happiness after the blooms,each single bloom still gives me immense pleasure, to see how nature unfolds itself , a tiny bub, in to a beautiful bloom. Patience and perseverance, for all the flowering plants especially anant geraniums which I had to trim and trim to get to see the heavenly fragrant blooms, the amaryllis that bloomed after five years after I abandoned the bulb out of the pot! The fruit trees grown in containers who have have left us, for a better healthy life, found a place in the soil, hope they give plent…

Snow Daisy Bush- New Small White Flowering Plant

Roses Roses Roses everywhere, it is that time of the year where everywhere there is dull dry barren , but the garden boasts of colorful roses, fragrant colorful , small , large, deep colors, pale colors, in groups and singles, yes all the rose bushes are fully loaded with plenty of blooms. We have added two more bushes to the family of roses, though of similar color but the blooms are really worth growing..

 This beautiful rose bush having peach colored flowers, and the pink, yellow and orange, with this we have added a new plant with white flowers. the plant looks different and very attractive with tiny blooms on the whole stem..

 I think this is the snow daisy bush which has more blooms than leaves. The growing habit will have to be monitored as this show may be during winter, it has got a good place with indirect sunlight, and regular watering along with other plants of the family. There are very few leaves on the plant and the flowers though very tiny growing in bunches give the …

Double Tagar Tabernaemontana Valeriana Shrub White Flowers

Winter, when all plants take rest, we have added a few new ones to our family. With tagar one of them , a beautiful medicinal plant with white fragrant flowers. The gladiolus bulbs after taking rest this year, we did not get blooms the whole year, are now sprouting with new life. Hoping to see some red burst in the garden this new year.

double tagar is a shrub growing with dark green leaves. The plant looks almost similar to anant or geraniums.
The flowers are a pure white, just like white roses. The tagar plant has lots of medicinal uses one of them being sedative. The beautiful white heavenly blooms covering the green plant look very attractive in this winter climate.

 Another variety of tagar, variegated, with white blooms used in temples for pujas and offering to God in India. A flowering shrub growing with plenty of white blooms. This tagar plant has greyish green leaves with white petalled flowers.
 Flowering tips for tagar- As a shrub the plant grows in all directions and need …

Missing Alexandrine Parakeet Mitthin Photographs

still missing ,the whole world has taken to their routine...of all the homes she used to visit, children with whom she played , leaving and forgetting to eat, of all the windows where she rested, from the 24th of November, 2012 when she last visited us in the morning...

Except for prayers I do not have any other way, people do laugh away at the thought of finding her, a bird who is left free, after the sticking of pamphlets, and enquiring in the next buildings, I have no way left, searching, waiting alone...Is it my mistake to keep her free, no cage, to enjoy her life and still care for her..
Karma is at work, may be she is helpless, I am help less, but nature is not helpless, God never fails them who leave their trust in him, The universe has its own laws which though may take time but is something to be afraid of, if you love something the whole universe conspires for you to get it, closing off with this faith, a small little hope...

Vibrant Chinese Rose Plant Growing Tips and Suggestions

Chinese Rose a colorful vibrant flowering plant, an easy growing plant that gives you bounty full of blooms. The plant looks very delicate with lanky stems hanging from the container but the booms are really worth growing  this Chinese rose plant. With winters the garden needs some vibrant color to bring life,and this Chinese rose plant is just the right one. The Chinese rose, as it is called , I do not know the symbolic significance of the term, but it may be miniature plant with good blooms, miniature roses, as in bonsai.
The Chinese rose plants are available in many colors and in shaded variety also. Pink, dark pink, majenta, yellow, peach , off white and shading variety. the most tough variety is the vibrant pink colored one. The blooms only begin to open when they receive sunlight and close early evening , depending upon the sunlight received. So if the plant does not get good sunlight then the blooms will be weak and small, not healthy.
Chinese Rose growing Tips and suggestion…

Mogra Plant Dried , How to Take Care of Mogra Plant in Winter

Winter has set in and with all plants shedding leaves the garden is looking a tad dull and boring.The mogra plant almost died, so it looked with all leaves curling and dropping one by one, leaving behind a dried stub!
 Some excitement in the garden, the neighbors garden had an unexpected visitor, the hawk, rarely seen here,as we are used to having eagles, bats and owls! not to mention our bird friends, the crow, sparrow, mynas, pigeons, egrets, king fishers, bulbul, humming bird, and the many rare ones which I do not know names of, which reminds me our parakeet is still missing...the blood red eyes is only what I remember of the hawk, piercing eyes, grey feathers with a yellowish beak... and he sure meant business, to catch some bird!
 With winters many plants are drying and shedding, a normal growth trend in their life, especially for the tough mogra plants which have been with us for many years. The afternoon sunlight in the winter season has brought about the growtt spurt and new…

Power of Pink Color of Love Feng Shui Where to Plant Pink Flowering Plants in the Garden

The pink sky , a new day after dawn, so many hopes so many expectations, a new day is a 'present' from God, how we use it is all up to us! a tiny hope , still our pet parakeet is missing, praying for her safe continues...
Power of pink, am so much influenced by the power of the rose quartz that I am seriously feeling the power of pink, the color of love and happiness. Your garden having pink colored flowers brings peace love and happiness to the viewers. Pink has been my favorite color and selecting pink flowering plants for garden over the years we have seen pink in many shades and hues. Nature has so many different shades and hues that no two pink flowers look the same.each is different unique.   Adenium plant , the good luck plant ,very easy to grow, has beautiful pink flowers and even in winters when the garden looks a bit barren this plant is loaded with lovely pink blooms, refreshing shade of color of love happiness, pink.

 The Kaner, a tough plant that t…