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Gold in the Garden Yellow Trumpet Tecoma Stans Mayan Gold

Gold in the Garden,
Yellow Trumpet Tecoma Stans Mayan Gold

 Gold in the garden, with chilly winds and winter setting in the days are warm and the nights cold, this beautiful golden yellow flowering bush is enough to make the whole atmosphere cheery and bright. Bring color into your life, golden color bright flowers are easy to grow and require very less care.
 The blooms are in abundance and the whole garden looks like a bed of gold. I do not know the exact name of this plant but it looks lovely! Flowers everywhere, this tecoma stans mayan gold grows best in full or partial sunlight, but it requires sunlight to produce healthy blooms. The plant requires trimming and cutting regularly to keep its shape.
grown as borders, centre of landscape design in any garden or highlight of the garden this golden yellow blooms plant is grown best for its foliage and golden yellow blooms. Trumpet shaped flowers are big in size and gives a gold effect during sunset or sunrise in the shimming sunlight.

Strong Flowering Plant for Cold Snow Countries - Kaner Tips and Care

Cold Snow countries are always in search of plants that can tolerate the cold and temperatures there, and as many plants go to rest in the chilly winters the Kaner boasts of heavy loaded blooms even during winter.  A very strong flowering plant, kaner has been seen since years growing in societies as always loaded with flowers. Kaner flowers come in many colors and sizes, that is the number of petals in the flower vary with different species of kaner plants.
We have two varieties of pink coloured flowering kaner plants growing happily in full sunlight. Each stem is always loaded with colorful flowers, pink, white, yellow, dark pink. The kaner flowers are five petalled flowers and the other variety looks like rose flowers, in bunches.
A typical style of flowering is the flowers of kaner always appear as tiny buds on the end of each branch of the kaner plant. The kaner plant looks like a big bouquet loaded with colorful pink flowers against the backdrop of the sky.
The advantage the ka…

Green Gardening Horticulture Systems-Tips for Growing Healthy Plants in Cold Countries

Green gardening solutions is the uppermost in our minds with world earth day celebrated every year around the globe the focus is  going more and more on maintaining the earth green with easy gardening solutions.
Latest gadgets , upper end i phones, notebooks and laser thin mobile phones, why does gardening lag behind, well no, even gardening has grown along with the technology. Especially in US and Canada where temperatures are dropping in minuses, wouldn't it be great to have plant grown indoors with calculated temperatures, feeding and watering systems?
Plants can be grown with latest technology gadgets and even the feedings can be done mechanically avoiding all the manual work with gardening and of course the risk of dying and dried plants. Hydroponics a latest system of watering and growing new plants as the traditional plant growing methods are having so many limitations.  so we can now get plant growing equipment and grow luscious green fresh plants, wherever we stay in any …

A New Bigger Home, Transplanting Ornamental Plant Boston Fern

A new bigger home, we all dream of, so also our plants need bigger homes. The winters have set in and with sunny afternoons and chilly nights our garden is looking quiet, still, browning of leaves, dropping of dried ones, no new growths, except for the few roses. I plant to add few color (read new plants) will keep posted.
The Boston fern plant has grown at its best in the rains and now sports a new look, blonde on one side!
 the pot facing the wall has dried fern plants and the remaining hanging from the front of the hanging basket are green. Boston fern one of the easiest and fastest growing indoor plant or shade loving plant grows best in indirect sunlight. Little care is required once you plant a Boston fern, it will spread very fast. This plant can be grown on window boxes, hanging baskets, and they also look good as borders for your garden landscape design.

The plant as I have noticed with many other plants also has out grown its pot and hence shows no new growth. With the trans…

Trekking in Nature and Climbing Trip Nature Trails Tips and Guidance

The trip nature trail in jungle wilderness a very good energy booster , just what I need every few months.A small trekking experience in jungle, the walk in complete wilderness, observing nature at its raw best! small hill, mountain climbing with few scratches here and there complete the energy level of grounding to earth's energy.
Nature grows in silence, birds living in wilderness, a the increased volume of chirping and bird gossip as the day comes to end, bringing the hope of another happy pleasant sunrise and promise ahead.

 I did capture many photographs of this beautifully camouflaged butterfly who was continuously flapping its wings of the whole lot of colorful butterflies in the jungle dancing joyfully in wild abandon and freedom.

Few tips to consider before embarking on a nature trail trip-  keep food water and all first aid and safety essentials in a back pack keeping your hands free. Arrange for the trip from a reputed travel tourism company or be in a group always if…

A very Good inspirational message for all artists around the world

Once there was a rich man who bought two beautiful birds as pets for his garden. The birds were some of the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave the precious birds to his gardener to be trained. Many days passed away and one day the gardener informed the rich man that though one of the birds was flying beautifully, soaring high in the sky, the other bird had not moved from its branch since the day it had arrived. The rich man called in healers and magicians from all over the country, to tend to the bird, but no one could make the bird fly. Then the rich man thought to himself, “May be I need someone more familiar with the countryside to understand the nature of this problem.” So he called out to his gardener, “Go and get a villager.” In the morning, the rich man was thrilled to see the bird soaring high above the garden. Then the rich man asked the villager, “How did you make the bird fly?” With his head bowed, the villager said to the rich man, ” It was very easy, sir. I s…

Safety Hygiene Tips for Water features in Your Garden

A garden looks incomplete with a water feature. As we see green plants and flowers add to the beauty of your garden, we also see that birds bring  in a lot of positive energy. Bird baths, ponds for drinking water and water plants in the ponds, especially the majestic lotus in your pond would look great.
With mosquitoes, flies, and other insects and germs floating in the air they get a good place to make themselves comfortable, in your garden pond or bird bath.
If we have a bird bath or pond or a garden beside water feature then few simple tips can prevent spread of germs and diseases. With dengue fever on the rise people are afraid to keep any water around that is lying still. the poor birds are left with no water in this dry climate at onset of winter. So on consultation with a physician reading and getting information is the only way you can take care of hygiene water feature in your garden.
First of all diseases and germs, dengue spreads from stagnant water lying still for at leas…