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Chickoo Fruit Plant Care and Tips and Heavy Roses on Bush Tricks

As there was one now there are two. The white pigeon becoming our friendly guest and staying close by has another friend, again a white pigeon, female. So the two lovey doves do frequent our window sill for snacks and stay close by.
Meanwhile the rose bush has been at its best in this rainy season. With very big and heavy roses that they are drooping on the bush with their weight.
 Tips and Tricks for heavy rose flowers- feedings, are very important. Yes Regular feedings of fertilizer, any one available from your local nursery. Some people do suggest tea leaves but they attract red ants which eat up the plant roots. So I have kept to the traditional fertiliser. Place is another very important part to get good blooms on your rose bush. Select a place that receives indirect sunlight for some part of the day and not direct sunlight as the plant has to spend energy to keep itself upright in full sunlight and this energy saved can be diverted into blooms. I have also added egg shells whi…

Sending Plants by Courier or Home Delivery of Plants

Plants are also being sent by courier or post and as the internet now rules in every field so also plants are send right to your door step by ordering online. As I have never sent or bought a plant online this took me to finding out some methods of online delivery of plants and plant cuttings.
I have been over the years feeling so sad after every trimming session, So many cuttings go waste when in fact each small piece of plant may bring out  a new plant. As it is necessary to keep the plants trimmed and in form to keep your garden chi fresh and active, as I remove dead leaves and dead head dried flowering tips wonder how nice it would be if I could share my plants. I do not wish to make this an earning but all these cuttings would bring out so many beautiful healthy plants. This is especially true for the Ajwain plant that grows like wild and needs frequent trimmings. Each small stem of the Ajwain plant grows fast into a new  Ajwain plant.The red leafed ornamental plant grows by cut…

Healthy Big Size Rose Flowering Tips

Healthy rose flowers are what every gardener dreams of. When ever we plant a rose bush, a rose climber or any rose plant we expect to see healthy blooms. This time our garden has gone fragrant in the rains with many bushes, climbers and rose plants fully loaded with colourful roses.

 Tips for healthy growth of your rose plant and big flower size- I share few tips here to get good and profuse flowers on your rose plants. Rose climbers need partially shaded area as the blooms will dry off soon in sunny sections of your garden. Feed the plants with regular fertilizer available in nursery outlets. There are  also special mixtures available for roses which when given to the plants they immediately develop good sized blooms.
 The thorny rose plants bushes also need to get partial sunlight for few hours of the day. the soil has to be hard to bear the weight of your rose plant. Regular watering is required after fertilization the plant for the plant to develop good sized rose flowers. Sinc…

New Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant

Finally after hearing the news of flowering of the Brahma Kamal plant from many place the obsession to see the flower on my plant has led me to feed the plant profusely , take extra care, sing and after every measure to bring the Brahma Kamal to bloom finally I have taken a drastic step, bought another Brahma Kamal plant.
The olden plants collections Brahma Kamal plants of three different plants have been now planted in new fancy containers. Hope to see some progress in the plants now as they have competition!
The Brahma Kamal plants have been fed and now am waiting for the growth spurt. The new Brahma Kamal plant has already sent out new shoots of leaves from the existing leaf. The older planst also lookf resh and green.
Problems with the Growing of Brahma Kamla Plant- My mistakes in growing the Braham kamal plant, first I planted it in very big container, expecting big flowers, but the plant did not grow, after this I planted the plant in a sunny spot receiving full sunlight for m…

Terrace Garden has gone Blue ! Blue Bells Pea fastest growing climbers

Our garden is looking french ultramarine blue everywhere as the seeds of the fastest growing climber , pea climber or the blue bells climber have been transferred everywhere , some by birds and some by me!just wanted to break the monotony of getting bored with only roses! no fragrance here but rich blue colour dominates the garden now. On observation I found that the flowers are of two different types. Since I had planted two different variety of seeds got from different plants and though the pea pods look similar on eveyr plant the type of flowers are different .
 This is  a blue rose flower, same petals and furls like a rose flower, but in french ultramarine blue colour. The bright electric blue looks very attractive amongst the green foliage. this pea climber is the fastest growing climber and within fifteen days we can see a thick growth, especially if planted during rainy season.

The other pea climber flower is somewhat lighter shade and has only single furl. The interior of t…

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Feng shui and the garden

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Feng shui and the garden: Very few are blessed with a garden in front or back of the house. But little do people realise that this affects the whole house and inmates...

Garden Maintenance and lawn Mowers

Alexandrine parakeet Mitthin has become very bossy and aggressive,she does not like attention or feeding given to other birds. The mynas, sparrows and pigeons along with crows all are scared of her as she drives them away. So the others just have to wait for their turn after she finishes eating! 
 Lawns look good as fresh green over expanse of land is always soothing for the eyes and peace to the soul. But cutting and cleaning the lawn is another important task as especially during monsoons the grass starts growing like wild. Lawn grass during summers dries off and we see shades of yellow over the lawns.
Lawn mowers are available in many varieties , easy handling manual use and the other  electronic lawn mowers.The clearing of lawn grass is another tedious task as the cut grass flies everywhere with wind and has to be done during early mornings or early evenings when the wind is stable. Nowadays you also need not invest so much time and effort if you have a big garden with lawn as t…

Fragrant Jai Flowering Plant

Recently since past few days there is a new member in our team of friends. A white pigeon comes and sits in our window sill , he is fed and remains near by and comes when called. Nowadays he has begun to boss around the mynas and other pigeons at the window sill as his territory.
 Fragrant flowers, white blooms , heavenly fragrance, the jai juhi plant is one wonder of God. the flowers are so beautiful and pure white in colour. The rich blooms when sway with the evening winds blows a heavenly fragrance into our home from the terrace garden. The colourful roses, red, pink, orange, yellow, white, maroon along with white jai plants has become a fragrant corner of the garden.
 The jai plant has leaves that are dark green in colour and have kept it in a place that receives indirect sunlight. The jai plant looks like a plant decked with white ornaments. and the fragrance is heavenly. As the buds begin opening from early evening the fragrance is at its peak during late evenings and nights.