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Monday, July 30, 2012

Flowering of Wild Jungle Plant

Wild Jungle Plant With Flower Pod
 The wild palnt growing since long has finalyl flwoered. The wild jungles are a treat for any plant lover as they have beautiful colourful flowering wild grass in the jungles., though ti is veyr risky to brign home such plants as there are dangerous insects and creatures like spiders and flies which can be poisonous.
Red Corn on Bright Green Leaves
 The plant grows from a rhizome looks like ginger but is not. The plant style of growing is very attractive in circular motion. Each set of bright green leaves appear in circular motion on the stem. The red corn soon as it came welcomed a whole lot of black ants to it. the plant corn was infected with black spots pest
Circular Growing Plant
 The red corn looked very attractive so I had to let it grow along with the pests! The white flower buds came up after few days and this whole process has gone for about a month.
Fresh Bright Red Corn of New Flower Buds

Buds Growing on the red Corn

Huge White Flower Opening on the Plant

White Yellow Shading Flowers
 The flowers have a woody, rusty in fact dirty smell!
Close Up of Single Flower of Ornamental Ginger
 but the blooms are very huge and attractive inviting, good this plant is surrounded with beautiful fragrant roses so the smell was not too pungent.
White Flower on Plant

Many White Flower Buds on Single Red Corn
With this experience I will surely be careful in selecting wild plants! The flowers are good so enjoying the view but will soon transplant it in a small container as the green colour of this plant is very attractive having thick velvety leaves.
Good news have bought new fragrant Jai Juhi Plant!!!!welcome to the garden.

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