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Flowering of Wild Jungle Plant

The wild palnt growing since long has finalyl flwoered. The wild jungles are a treat for any plant lover as they have beautiful colourful flowering wild grass in the jungles., though ti is veyr risky to brign home such plants as there are dangerous insects and creatures like spiders and flies which can be poisonous.
 The plant grows from a rhizome looks like ginger but is not. The plant style of growing is very attractive in circular motion. Each set of bright green leaves appear in circular motion on the stem. The red corn soon as it came welcomed a whole lot of black ants to it. the plant corn was infected with black spots pest
 The red corn looked very attractive so I had to let it grow along with the pests! The white flower buds came up after few days and this whole process has gone for about a month.

 The flowers have a woody, rusty in fact dirty smell!
uk!  but the blooms are very huge and attractive inviting, good this plant is surrounded with beautiful fragrant roses so the …

Apple Orchards in Himachal Pradesh Naggar Kullu

The visit to Himachal pradesh was not only an healing experience in my spiritual journey it was also a bonus for the gardener in me. With loads of colourful flowers everywhere growing like wild even on the snow clad mountains it sure looked like a place of imagination and fantasy. Imagine we caring so much for our plants and these flowers growing on the mountains and hills without any care, free and at peace.
The apple orchards are one of the highlight spots in Naggar Kullu. With apple trees growing everywhere , in every home, and in every nook and corner we saw apple trees , all loaded with juicy apple fruits. The apples at this time of the year are green and raw and would ripe after few months. The apple fruits would be ready to eat after august month and would be transported to every place and city in India and exported internationally.

Growing apple tree in container has been a dream and after enquiring about the growth patterns of apple trees maybe I may move ahead to grow apple…

How to Use Plant Gardens as Mood Uplifters Mood Uplifter Gardens

Moods, happy, sad, gloomy, angry, sexy passionate, depressed, ecstatic, joy, refreshing, energetic  and what not, humans are daily doses of moods fluctuating according to the situations we face. Whenever I go into my garden never is it the same. Sometimes when I am sad I enter and feel happy. Sometimes when feeling low I sit for a while and talk observe each plant and somehow after a few minutes there is a surge of new positive energy and the mood changes.  Yes gardens are a very effective mood uplifters and mood balancers. Scientifically proved to uplift your senses and emotions gardens have been and will always be God's way to be near us and help us. It is very easy to plant a mood garden. Focus on fragrance, colour, texture and size when beginning to plant a mood garden. First of all see how much space is available for the garden as too many plants will create clutter and not fulfill the motive you desire from your garden. Another aspect is flowering plants which need commitment…

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Neem Plant Growing in Container

Neem has many health benefits and since many years neem trees have been grown for their health benefits in every society and home. Not only are their leaves beneficial their fruits are also used for medicinal purposes.
Neem plants can be grown easily in container by purchasing a small plant and planting it in a well draining soil. The neem tree can tolerate strong sunlight and the breeze coming from apst the neem tree is beneficial for health. Since ages neem leaves have been used as antiseptic and added in bathing water to heal boils, rashes and skin problems. Neem drinks are also used for weight loss and as blood purifiers to prevent pimples and rashes on skin.
Though we now have many ready made beauty and health products containing neem as a base and important product many old people still prefer to bathe with water with fresh neem leaves added to it to purify and heal skin. Not only does your skin glow it also acts as a whitening agent in neem that refreshes your skin.

  The …

Close Up of Huge Magnolia Flowers Tree in Roerich Art Gallery Himanchal Pradesh

Magnolia flowers are very beautiful and we were lucky enough to see the majestic tree of magnolia in the premises of Roerich Art Gallery , Himachal Pradesh, Manali. The tree must be very very  old with its huge growth and majestic flowers size.
The flower on drying may have turned yellowish orange before leaving the tree.
The blooms were very big and white in colour. almost 7 to 10 inches in size.
There were seed pods or fruits visible on the tree which on drying would fall off from the tree. On enquiring with a botanist I came to know that magnolia trees need very cold climates. Himachal pradesh is a beautiful place with pleasant chilly climate all year round. With my fascination with this serene , majestic flower, I came to know that this tree may not grow well in containers and needed land. And also the supported cliamte was chilly, snowy atmosphere like that of himanchal pradesh. Foreign countries do have this trees in abundance with the cold climates there. So at present this w…

Curry Leaves Plant Tips and Care Growing in Containers

With intermittent rains and cloudy skies our terrace garden is in full bloom with loads of colour everywhere.  Pink, majenta, red, white, yellow, orange ..all colours of roses, chinese roses and amaryllis and day lillies...colours, new growths I love them!
 The curry leaves plant has finally taken to good growth spurt. The curry leaves plant was a single stem and growing erect. The stem was lanky and weak for many months. I had to trim carefully the stem many times over period of few months regularly to make the plant strong. All the time wishing that it does not attract mites and ants, the plant has finally got a good growth. The curry leaves are so fragrant that even few leaves are sufficient for cooking and making any dish aromatic.
Tips for growing healthy curry leaves in container- purchase a healthy plant as when the original is weak and diseased, there are many chances that the plant may not survive. A well draining soil and partial shaded area is good for the curry leaves pl…

Breath Taking View Of Rohtang Pass Snow Covered Mountains Manali

Rohtang Pass a familiar site for any tourist visiting Manali and Himachal Pradesh in India is a very attractive tourist spot, a must visit for any healer and here I was enjoying at the top of the majestic mountains of Rohtang pass, ladakh border. A beautiful place and out of this world feeling, the experience of driving up so many thousands of feet above ground level, the huge valley, the snow capped mountain tops and the glistening sunrise from above the mountainous region  all in all is in itself an enlightening experience.Make my definitely has all the places in your budget and your choice and with so many options to choose from it is an easy way to travel and visit places and enjoy your vacations.Also perks and facilities added with no extra cost. The view from the roads is very good and as we travel above the ground we see thousands and lakhs of vehicles crossing the roads at each level, all in enthusiasm and awe to reach the peak, and once you reach the top of the snow …

Colourful Flowers of Himachal Pradesh Manali

Colourful flowers of Himachal Pradesh. Manali a destination which is surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains is a tourist spot which is visited from people all over the world. With loads of international tourists some coming for pleasure, some for family trips and some for enlightenment Himachal Pradesh, manali is a beautiful city full of colourful flowers. The Rohtang pass based at the border of ladakh seems so heavenly and is an important destination for all tourists.
With my obsession with plants I sure took loads of photographs and observed the plant growth and flower growth here in manali. With red, orange , pink and white, with lilac, blue, yellow all colours! huge flowers and tiny ones, many petalled flowers and single petal ones, bunches and single ones, Himachal pradesh sure has a favorable climate and si fully covered with colourful flowers year round.

The size of roses is very big and the blooms are quite attractive with red, pink, orange, white..not like here at …