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Growing Pulses in our Garden

Pulses, moong, mat, chavli and others can be grown very easily in containers. Direct sunlight is essential and you get a good harvest even from a plant grown in container. I accidentally got this growth from feeding some pulses for the birds,  some may have sprouted in ideal conditions and the growth was very fast. I had to stop the tendency of pulling out the plant, as it looked like a wild plant growing profusely.
 The leaves of the plant have three to four sides and are of deep green color that look bright in the sunlight. The pulses plant gives out beautiful small yellow flowers and seed pods that are green at first and when exposed to direct sunlight become dry and brown in colour. When I collected the dried seed pods and removed the seeds the pulses were just the same that we bring from t he grocers, except they were fresh from our garden. I am not usually in favor of growing vegetables and pulses in small quantities , they are not worth the effort, but this was  bonus for us…

Gomphrena Globe Amaranth Dark Pink Ball Shaped Flowers

The Gomphrena globe Amaranth has bright pink or magenta coloured flowers. This plant grows in full sunlight but can also grow in partial shade. The Amaranth plant likes to have regular watering but can tolerate dry soil and direct sunlight for few hours of the day.
The globe amaranth looks very attractive with its ball or button like lovely bright blooms. Especially during hot summers the plant blooms profusely with the whole plant covered with attractive pink blooms.
Direct sunlight may harm the blooms as the edges turn yellow due to strong rays of sunlight and if you need to preserve the blooms for long it is best to keep this plant in a place where it receives sunlight for some part of the day and not under the scorching sun for full day.
The Amaranth has been growing since ages and in India the flowers are used in gajra or veni, hair decorations for women. The traditional ladies still prefer the veni made of marigold and amaranth flowers as hair decorations. The flowers along wi…

Significance of Sighting of Elephant , New Growth on Indoor Plant Seed Pod

Easy growing Show Plant

Having a glimpse of the elephant in Thane city has become a welcoming sight as the majestic animal is huge and walks gracefully. the gait of the elephant with its heavy weight is worth taking a look at. The elephant is very graceful and sways while it walks. The elephant is considered very auspicious especially in India among the Hindu religion as it is considered an incarnation of God Ganpati., the elephant headed God. Ganesh is considered the God for good luck, wealth and prosperity according to the Hindu religion and is followed universally in the whole country by many religions. People while walking past an elephant do pray and take its blessings and I see people walking or travelling by cars or bikes slow down and touch the elephant foot and pray for its blessings. He looks old and the skin is so very thick and fragelled and I do hope people transfer their feelings of prayers into taking care of elephants as they may be requiring quite a lot of food to ea…

The Flowering of Rare Wild Orchid Plant

The wild orchid plants have flowered and the blooms are very unique and different. The plants have been brought from the wild and have a history of one of my adventures in search of new plants. The flower has a single petal that is different and the rest of the flower is of different colour. The orchid plants are rare and very expensive plants and the wild orchid plants are seen hanging from old trunks of huge trees in the wild. Our plant has sprouted from different sides and each stem has flowering stalks on them. The flowers of orchid have grown in bunches having at least minimum three to five in bunches. The orchid plant growing under partial sunlight has bloomed and does not require much care though regular watering is required for plants grown in containers and planters. These are epiphytic orchids that send out aerial roots for breathing and grow on tree trunks of other trees.

The Balsam Plant Flowering

The balsam plant is a native of the Himalayas and has colourful flowers. The flowers are sweet scented and the plant propagates through spreading of seeds by wind. The blooms are very colourful and pink in colour. It looks just like an orchid plant growing in the wild. The balsam plant grows in hilly regions and does not require much watering.  The balsam plant has a unique way of propagation. The plants develop seed pods that burst spreading the seeds far away. The plant grows in large numbers and sometimes the whole mountainous regions where the plant is seen is covered with pink! The flap of a petal looks like an helmet and this plant is also called the policeman’s helmet.
The scientific name is Impatiens Balsamina and actually the balsam plant is a herb producing colourful flowers. There are many colour seen in balsam plants and many grow tall according tot eh conditions provided. The plant grown in small containers grows for two to three feet and flowers profusely. The leaves of b…

Bird of Paradise Colourful Flowering Plants

Bird of paradise, or as these colourful flowers are called are true to their name. The flowers are very attractive and look like a bird. The shape of the flowers and their bright colours give us the feeling of a beautiful bird sitting on the green foliage of this plant.
 The plant is grown in form of bulb and does not require much care. The main advantage of growing bulbous and rhizome or tuber plants is that they can tolerate full sunlight. Do not require much water and flower for most of the time even after summers. We have canna plants that are red and yellow flowers and these plants look almost similar to them except for their blooms. The leaves of bird of paradise plants are big and dark green in colour and the showy stalk of the flower comes from the centre of the spiral arrangement of leaves.
 Tips for flowering in Bird of Paradise Plants- Since the plant can tolerate direct sunlight they are best grown under the sun where they can enjoy sunlight for most parts of the day. Th…

The Colourful Fragrant Lantana Flower Plants

Lantana plants are not a native of India and have migrated here. The lantana plants have survived less water and direct sunlight and we can see many places like Bangalore, Ooty and many other hill stations where these fragrant lantana plants are growing like crazy. The survival of these plants have made them a good choice by many gardeners and also their beautiful fragrant blooms are another attraction.
Lantana plants have colourful flowers and the colours range from clear yellow, white to reds and oranges. We also see many shaded variety growing where the plant flowers into two colours. The centre of the bunch is different colour and the outer layer of flowers are different.
 The flowers though look very attractive on closer inspection we can see that the whole flower is made up of tiny small flowers. When we touch them the tiny flowers fall and can be closely observed . The blooms are very delicate though they remain on the plant for long. The small flowers are very fragrant and t…

Free new growth in container orange flowering plant

Unexpected new growth, beautiful orange blooms and yellow flowers. What happens when you grow a garden and plant in numbers and the process goes on and on.. you get unexpected gifts. Yes by purchasing new plants from the nursery I have had many new , unknown plants growing in our containers and I do not even know what variety they are or their name but I do love blooming plants and fragrant ones!
Like all our bulbous plants this plant is also growing happily aside the other plants.
The plant has rooted well and can tolerate direct sunlight and they came along with some new plant or maybe I have planted the seeds I do not remember. After so many years of  terrace gardening I do not remember how many plants we have purchased over the years and how many have left us. Maybe some seeds have remained in the quiet and just when the time is right they have bloomed, or maybe some seeds have come along with new baby plants from the nursery.
This is a beautiful orange flowered plant and along w…

Ever Green Plant/ The Flowering Sada Phuli/ Periwinkle Plant not Flowering?

Periwinkle plants are seen from ages and they are available in many colours with white to pink and shaded variety. These periwinkle or sada phuli plants have been since ages and were seen growing without much care. The pink variety is the most common and toughest of all the vinca rose plants.

We had grown pink, red, maroon, white shaded with magenta and of course the one in the photograph is the deep magenta colour that looks very attractive from far away also and is the focal point in the garden. The sada phuli plants do not require any special care and the best part is they can grow in full sunlight ad dbloom profusely. The whole vinca rose plant is always laden with flowers hence people often term it as sada bahar or sada phuli, which means in hindi to be every green and always flowering.
Sada Phuli care and tips for flowering- Though the plant looks an easy grower and we often see the plants growing even in nooks and corners of walls and on the ground where the seeds may have bee…