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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sansevieria Cylindrica Ornamental plant

Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant

Close up of growth in Sansevieria Cylindrica
This beautiful Sansevieria Cylindrica plant growing in the wild without any maintenance and care. being a succulent plant this Sansevieria Cylindrica does not require much water and can grow in very hardy and rocky soil.
Sansevieria Cylindrica growing in Pot
Close up of Inside of Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant Leaf
This plant is usually selected for its beautiful growth in shape of fan. the long tubular stems are in fact modified leaves that grow tall from the centre. It is hard and looks similar to bamboo plant in green. As this is a succulent plant this does not require much water and grows in garden soil. The plant it seems flowers once a year in form of greenish white fragrant flowers in tubular shape.
The leaves are greenish gray in colour and grow tall and the best part of succulents is that they do not require much care and can grow in the dark corners of your garden where any other plant does not survive. This Sansevieria Cylindrica has helped to brighten my garden corner where I have not succeeded with many efforts of growing different plant and it looks quiet happy with erect and tall growth. Am waiting for the blooms!

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