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Monday, January 9, 2012

Honolulu Creeper- Chain of Love Vine

Pink Flowering creeper of Chain of Love
 This pink flowering creeper can be seen covering fences and garden walls. It grows randomly and will cover the whole fence and also can be grown with other creepers and climbers.
Small Pink Flowers Vine
This plant is termed as the chain of love as this vine has beautiful pink coloured flowers. The plants grows with support of fence or wall and has tendrils that cling to the fence or other plants.
Chain of Love Vine
 The blooms are really very attractive with new flowers having baby pink colour
Close up of Small Pink Flower on Vine
This plant is growing in a private garden and can also be seen in many grounds where wild plants also grow. This indicates the tendency of the plant to grow in dry conditions with less watering care. Once rooted firmly this vine spreads fast and will cover your whole fence or garden wall.

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