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Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Pothos, Extra Large Money Plant

Golden Pothos or devils ivy are heart shaped leaf climbers. With heart shape to shaded leaves there are many that love these plants for their easy maintenance and growth. As these money plants are shade loving they are the first ones to be selected as indoor plants. Any amateur plant lover can select and grow the money plant without much care. These plants can grow very well indoors and with only water.
Money Plant growing on tree

When these pothos pants get a support they climb many heights and can take over the garden immediately within few months. Silver pothos, devils ivy or golden pothos are very prominent and seen covering walls of gardens or any big host trees.
Large leafed Money plant

Golden pothos growing on tree
Money plant grown indoors and in water will develop light green leaves and since this is a  climber it will need some direction. It is best grown in hanging pots. The shading variety of golden pothos looks very attractive as they have yellow shading which shines in bright sunlight. the colour of leaves develops according to the sunlight exposure of the plant. Bright indirect sunlight is best for healthy growth of this climber.
Important tip for growing golden pothos -Keep the soil moist.

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