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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful ornamental Leaf Plant

Ornamental Plant

wavy leaves of Ornamental Plant

This ornamental plant has green wavy leaves and grows without much care. The leaves are beautiful green and yellow shaded in colour and the wavy pattern makes it an idea plant for landscaping and garden design. The new leaves grow in pattern of flowers and look like green flowers on the tip of the stems. The edges of each leaf are wavy and with ridges.
This ornamental plant is selected in landscape, gardens and homes for its attractive shaped leaves and colours and of course the wavy pattern leaves.
An only draw back is that the plant is prone to attack by pests and very often we see plants with disease which is seen as dry netted leaves and insect eaten leaves. Sometimes the whole plant goes barren due to insect attack. Over watering is another issue as the plant rots and because of this becomes prone to fungus attack.
Care of ornamental plants- Most of the ornamental plants are shade loving plants and do not grow well in total full day sunlight. Indirect sunlight and some hours of morning or evening sunlight is best for their growth. Watering is another important factor for their healthy growth. Too much of water and clogged soil will rot the roots and the plant will not be healthy. Try to water during mornings so that the excess water is drained off and the plant roots stay dry during nights.

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