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New Entrants to the Garden- Fruit Plants

The custard apple plant grows very tall and thick and I have this challenge to grow this fruit plant in a container. Though the plant will be the same only the fruits will have to come in a small container. With orange, cherry and lemon I was also tempted to try growing other fruit plants in containers. I still have to see the fruiting time and years required for fruiting of these plants and will post all the details later.
The most easy growing and fruiting plants were researched upon and the decision made to buy a selected few. Chickoo being the fastest growing, you can see the small fruits on this plant in the photograph of the chickoo plant. These fruit plants can be bought from any local nursery or specialized nursery selling fruit plants.
There is also a blue berry plant or the jamun plant growing alongside of the custard apple plant. I have put them in a metal drum and will observe their growth. I hope the plants settle down in the rains and give out new shoots of roots and ge…

Container Gardening From Scrap

Container gardening with scrap yes this is very true, to begin a garden you just can with some home used old containers, this type of gardening. is becoming very popular due to the crunch of land available. Many people living in flats also make use of the window sill to make a container garden. There are many containers that you can plant and make a beautiful garden in a very small space.
Where do you start? before beginning  the journey of container gardening and spending lots of money first you can begin with containers at home. I have used broken ceramic milk/ tea mugs for a very good use. Though the coffee mugs are small in size they are sufficient to grow ornamental plants. They do not require much water or much care and enjoy their position on the window sill with early sunlight to make food.

I had money plant for many years in this pot and one day it cracked. Since this is an antique vase I did not want to part with it.  This glass transparent container was cracked from below a…

The Ginger Plant

Feeling very sad about the lost Brahma kamal bud. Some how I think I knew this would happen because the plant is new and it may need strength to flower. This also gives hope that the plant will flower some time and also give a very beautiful and stronger bloom!
The post discussed here is about an unknown plant that grows in spiral way. The leaves are typically growing in a spiral shape. On searching the internet I came to know this is a variety of ginger plant. The blooms may be red or yellow, I do not know because my plant has not flowered yet. I believe this plant ginger is not edible and not used for cooking purposes. Still I have let it be since it does not require mush care and also looks beautiful and unique.
This ginger plant may have been accidentally planted by my mom or me and it has grown well. The leaves are the best part for me. They are lush green in colour. The leaves look as if they are radiant and bright. I have kept this plant for the colour of the leaves and its spe…

The White Fragrant Rajni Gandha

The Rajni Gandha is a fragrant flower which is proved to be very good for anxiety and mental problems. The fragrance is so heavenly that it makes the whole garden and atmosphere aromatic and relaxing. Immediate relaxation and soothing of emotions and relieves stress.
With the rains there are many flowering plants that get a boost in growth and one of the most fragrant plants is the Rajni Gandha. The new stem grows as a hard, tall shoot among the green leaves.

This is  a must have for any plant lover who loves to have fragrant flowering plants.The plant grows from rhizome which is planted under the soil during spring. The summers are very good fort his plant and this Rajni Gandha plant can tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves are similar to grass shoots and grow in bunches. My Rajni Gandha plant gives flowers in a single shoot and many plants clubbed together sometimes bloom together making the whole garden fragrant. The fragrance is sweet and heavenly and it intensifies and becomes m…

Kaner Flowering Plant


The New Brahma Kamal Bud

All new day with rains lashing and winds blowing hard and making it difficult to enter my garden, I took a quick peek and was welcomed with this wonderful new growth in the brahma kamal plant.
After vigorous searching of texts and internet I could not help my plant to produce flowers. Just then I started neglecting it.
 I guess the rains triggered the flowering aspect as this plant has been planted few months back. The new brahma kamal bud looks like a miniature piece of art. All the fine hairs surrounding the would be flower are clearly visible and the bud of the brahma kamal flower is emerging from within this light pink hairs. The growth of the brahma kamal bud is seen from the side of a leaf.
The journey of this flower is going to be long , I guess it will take some days to develop and grow and later , hope so it will bloom on one night. It is considered auspicious and lucky plant by many people and to watch it flowering is another heavenly experience. Since the brahma kamal is co…

The Cherry Tree in Container

The cherry blossoms are very beautiful and the tree looks very attractive when it is full of cherry blossoms. This tree is very famous and with a small garden this was a real challenge to grow cherry tree in a container. The tree grew very afst and had green foliage.
Container growing has become necessary and nowadays with less availability of free land. Many trees can be grown in containers though they are no replacement to the healthy growth of trees on land.People especially love to grow fruit trees and I just luckily got a cherry plant from my local plant nursery.
The cherry tree requires feeding regularly and focusing on the fruiting will give good yield of fruits. I have let my tree grow naturally and need to focus on the fruiting aspect. My plant has shown good growth in container with every six months it is full of cherry blossoms. The wind it too strong near our garden and this is the most important negative point as the cherries fall off before becoming mature.
 Trimming the…

Flowering Stages of The Yellow Jhendu Flower

This is a beautiful Jhendu or marigold plant which has fragrant flowers. With the rains in full swing this plant has become very full grown and fully laden with yellow flowers. Its fresh green leaves look very healthy and happy.
I have lost many marigold plants before, due to lack of knowledge on growth about these plants.So many colours are available with oranges, reds, yellows and also some plants having flowers of the shading colours of yellow and orange or red , I had taken and planted many times with no success.
Every time I lost them due to the pigeons or the rats God knows who were after these plants. Many times I have seen rats love to nibble on these and even in one night the whole plant will get nibbled along with its flowers.So beware if you have rats nearby, we have had clear times now and I hope the rats do not come back!thanks for once for the new constructions of towers!

 With the pleasant climate during rains this plant has got the growth boost. It is full of green leav…

The Palm Tree

The most common tree noticed in every house and office is the palm tree. Very easy to grow and requires very little care this palm tree is grown as an indoor plant. I have this in my garden in a big pot. This plant can tolerate sunlight but during summer the leaf tips burn.
This has been seen from ages as an ornamental plant in offices and luxurious homes, in fact it is a must for every plant lover to have a palm tree among other plants. The delicate leaves and the strong stems make it hardy and tolerable. This plant needs little acre and does not have any special requirements with regard to fertilizers or pests.
The leaves of the palm look very beautiful as they are delicate and as the wind blows they make a hustling sound. This plant is very good for feng shui of the garden. Plants that move with the wind and make soft sounds are considered very good and auspicious in feng shui. As they increase the flow of energy in that area and promote positive energy to flow there.One must have …

Cream Coloured Fragrant Flowering Climber

This is a beautiful fragrant climber. The flowers are of cream colour and the climber looks like any other climber having medium sized green leaves. Like the jai and juhi flowers I do not know which plant is this. The fragrance is somewhat fruity and citrus type.The fragrance spreads whenever wind blows in that direction. The person standing near this plant can get the full experience of the citrus smell , and the smell is stronger mostly in the evenings.
For many years this climber did not flower and I was wondering if it ever will. My per parakeet did the work. She pinched the plant and all my woes went unanswered after stopping her so much, but this had a good effect on the plant and for preservation of self the plant gave beautiful bunches of flowers.
Tip- Requires pinching and trimming sometimes to encourage flowering. This climber is a very simple plant that does not require much care. Take care to plant it where it receives sunlight for some time, a partially shaded area would …

The Yellow day Lillies Flower

This yellow flowering plant is a bright and cheery coloured flower. I call it the daffodil flower. It is actually a day lily plant that grows in abundance with beautiful yellow flowers.Very easy to grow and does not require much care.This is a bulb and grows well in summer. These bulbs are very small as compared to other flowering plant bulbs. This plant has many seeds that develop with each flower and since they spread with air they are everywhere, I still remember the poem, yellow daffodils on the mountains, and I understand how the whole mountain can be covered with flowers. What a breath taking view!

The buds appear at the end of the tip of each leaf. The leaves of this plants are very thin and elongated. Fresh green in colour they seem very delicate and are prone to attack from birds.
The transfer of seeds is done naturally or one can plant the seeds in another pot. Very fast growing and covers a large area very soon. Each flower develops at the tip of the leaf. When the flower d…

The Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant is very easy to grow and can be grown in any conditions. It can tolerate sunlight and even grow in shade. Water requirements are not much and it likes to grow in a part which receives sunlight for some hours. It is a voracious grower and one has to be careful as it grows very fast and multiplies with double speed.
I have kept my aloe vera plant in a small plastic tub to keep a check on its growth. It can be transplanted with small saplings which emerge around the mother plant. The plant will not tolerate direct sunlight for loan hours and the leaves may burn and die. Also do not over water this plant and it likes a well draining soil to be planted in.
This plant has been seen for ages and everyone knows the benefits and medicinal uses of Aloe vera. With gels for face, creams for healing to hair care products and even for health aloe vera has come up as a winner in many fields. many people use the plant directly though it is advisable to use a refined and company a…

Care and Training of Alexandrine Parakeet


This link from youtube will show you how the parakeet eats her daily breakfast at 6.15 am.

Just after our morning prayers I have to be ready for the breakfast of our pet. Our parakeet is also a very early riser. Exactly at 6.15 in the morning she sends a small sound and I answer it with a good morning. The many times I talk to her and repeat good parrot, good morning, good night, bye bye, no, etc the longing to hear her speak is still unfulfilled wish for us.
She tries to communicate in small sounds and I do understand her emotions. Like a royal bird she is very selective of her food. She likes only freshly cut fruits and some cereals. Her favourite is soaked chana. She also likes to drink sherbat sometimes and ice cream which is melted. The most important part comes here... she wants to feed from our plate only! And when served on the window sill brings the food in her beak inside and then eats it.
Her likes and dislikes are very well unders…

Birds From Paradise

Gardening and planting flowering trees will not only give you the pleasure of enjoying nature at its best but will also be a welcome to guests from paradise.
Our garden having colourful foliage plants and flowers does attract many colourful butterflies and birds. The small water pond is always busy with pigeons, mynas, sparrows and crows. Even humming birds, king fishers and other exotic birds are also seen some times.
Though now a days due to construction of tall towers the rare bird species are moving away from our place, guess to a better environment in nature. The king fishers are so colourful and also the love birds. During the rains just before the first rain the blue bird had also visited many years back, but have not seen this bird for long.
Due to lack of natural habitat available birds are becoming extinct and it is our responsibility to preserve them.The Koyal who calls every morning at 4, 5 o'clock also has lost her tree home recently due to chopping of trees in our a…