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Monday, August 21, 2017

Button roses and special care for Button rose bushes and my Large sized Drooping Roses in rain!

While I have had lots and lots of Rose bushes of different varieties over the years and even special unique ones bought form exhibitions that have given us beautiful rose flowers, I had avoided the tiny button roses.  Size matters, and since the environment on our terrace garden his best suited for roses, we always would choose and grow large sized roses.

Button Roses Garden Care Simplified

Bid Rose flowers Garden care Simplified

Drooping in rains rose flower

Button roses bush garden care simplified

Button roses yellowing of leaves 

Button roses, tiny roses and small beautiful bunches of Joy!
Button roses require some what different care than the big rose bushes. They grow beautifully into bunches of flowers and look pretty like tiny buttons of pink!
Button roses are Awesum in fragrances and their raw fresh fragrance is out of this world! Of course my other roses also have fantastic fragrance and these are heightened in fresh rose buds opening in the early mornings, you must try smell  the roses  after sunrise, the experience will refresh your mind body and spirit!
So I added button roses, and then after the session of blooming the leaves started to yellow and drop off. There were so many flowers, it was not possible to trim the plant at this time. I realized that the plant was struggling to maintain health due to less exposure to sunlight. Trimming and dead heading of flowers is very important.
Then due to heavy rains most button rose flowers rotted and the whole plant was covered with soggy petals. Chances are, here the plant health can be compromised in such situations where the outside atmosphere is dark and cloudy.
Next time, I was prepared, my special tip! Cut some flowers( I avoided cutting flowers, but in special cases  it is essential, especially in rains the flower remains for longer time indoors) Cutting some flowers helped me to add some freshness indoors as well as save the remaining flowers on plant that grew healthy and stayed for  longer time.
Button Rose bushes care-
1) Button rose plants  will need indirect sunlight.
2) Egg shells work for all roses as great feedings.
3) They will grow stems that will spread into many tiny stems and load with many buds.
4) Dead heading is important after blooming as these tiny button roses dry off and they cover most of the plant preventing  the leaves from getting sunlight.

5) Button roses grow in plenty, large numbers in healthy plant and hence they require rich soil and well  sized pots.
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