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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Super Moon Cyclone Ockhi and Mogra leaves Dropping Winter Care for your Terrace Garden Plants

Mogra leaves dropping as winter sets in
 Super Moon was so large, we missed viewing this due to cyclone Ockhi and with this was a sudden drop in temperatures with strong winds and rainfall on December 2,3,4. So my terrace garden plants were in for a shock with unexpected showers in winter!
Mogra suddenly seemed to have dropped most leaves and as the huge leaves, it has grown quiet healthy and wide,(for all those who have missed my garden rants over the years-this plant was sick when we bought it, ten years back,  and while anyone else would have thrown it as dead, I removed each of the red mites using a stick from its roots , manually, and since then this plant has given me very big sized abundant mogra blooms , twice or thrice every year ) so one of my favourites,.
As winter sets in people get scared that their plants are dying,  with leaf dropping fast and sometimes the mogra plant may also go barren. The reason is winter sets in and the plants go in hibernation. As most of us think the plant is sick and add more water, this is one action that must be avoided. More watering is harmful during winter and is easy for pests and fungus to attack roots and plant stems.
Dried Mogra Plant 
 It is a natural process. do water your plants , but see that the top portion is a bit dry , only then add water. Do not skip watering. plants seem happy but the soil gets hardened in winter and they need water. Leaf drop is a normal sign with onset of winter.
The super moon we saw on the previous day was quite large, majestic and huge.Against the black sky its presence was seen as I looked from my little space under the sun.
Full moon times, growing phase of moon,  are considered auspicious in feng shuii and with healers as it is the maximum white light energy. Another aspect of super moon, full moon is it is strongest feminine energy and can benefit women, females if they with pure heart and sincere intentions, desire, wish at such times.
Huge Moth
 I have seen a lot of butterflies in my garden recently. Maybe its time for them to lay eggs, I used to love these magical butterflies, till a few years back when they ate up leaves of most of my plants and then we had these two finger sized large orange black caterpillars walking in our home! tat was when I got scared, and got an panic attack.
Mogra plants drop leaves and may seem barren but their roots are intact. keep the acre like everyday for the winter season and never skip watering. Avoid trimming plants during winter, and within few days they will pick up growth with fresh lime green tiny leaves coming up. It is a process of purification, change, and rest for the plants as soon now they will give flowers. Mogra plants are one of the best fragrant flowering plants, we have different varieties of fragrant jasmines, I love their heavenly fragrance! 
Butterflies are symbols of hope, change and angel support, they bring messages from our guides and be with us. We got sixths really huge Moth visitor , I had to click this as it merges in the woods so dramatically, we hardly notice this , until we take a very close look. Universe is Amazing with its wonders!
Cyclone Ockhi as it passes , has brought unexpected showers and cold winds here. With the sudden rain coming with cyclone ockhi my terrace garden has got a fresh life of green and the plants that had dropped leaves are suddenly looking happy as it spring has come!!!

Floral Photo Collage Rizwana Mundewadi
 With winter in my garden the Allamnda plant is also at rest, so made a photo collage of its beautiful majestic blooms, photos of flowers from my garden are and will be precious memories when I shift from here to another home. As the progress is going on, ideas for a entry way garden are coming up, so within few months we will have a new garden with new experiences!
Rose Flower Photo Collage from my Terrace Garden clicks
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